Friday, February 06, 2009

Not Sleeping Much

Charlie is 2 weeks and 2 days old today. I'm able to post this because of the rare moment where he fell asleep in my arms and stayed asleep when I put him in the bouncy seat. (This is after three unsuccessful attempts at laying him down in the pack and play downstairs, the bassinet upstairs, and the boppy upstairs. Each time I would try, he would be asleep for about two minutes and then wake up crying.)

Basically, Charlie likes to be held. Who can blame him? :)

This is a little tricky when I'm home by myself with Eli and Charlie! And especially hard at night - I now have survived five consecutive nights of being up with Charlie - each one has had at least one two-hour stretch where he wouldn't go back to sleep after eating. Last night was particularly hard - he was up from 11:30-12:15 a.m., then 2:30-4:15 a.m., and 6-7:30 a.m. The thing that saved me was that Eli slept until 9:15 a.m. this morning (this rarely happens!), so I was able to get almost two more hours of sleep.

I know there are babies that fall right sleep after eating in the night. Charlie is not one of those kids! He does get drowsy after eating, so then I try putting him down in the bassinet, and he starts screaming a few minutes later. I get back up, rock him, hold him, walk around, and sometimes end up downstairs in the glider, watching t.v. It's the only way to stay sane in those late hours! What did people do before the DVR? I'm glad I have more options than infomercials at 4 a.m.
Here are pictures from this morning - Charlie asleep in the bouncy seat, and Eli happily eating a banana (he eats at least one a day).

We've been so lucky to have meals from Lindsay, Emily, Amy, one from Rochelle tonight, and a few more in the next week. Last night we didn't have a meal coming, but we were over at our neighbor's and they shared their dinner with us - so nice! I'm just glad the weekend is almost here - Ben will be able to help with Charlie at night when he's fussy and I'm going to get some much-needed sleep. Maybe I'll even take TWO naps tomorrow... :)


Kelly D. said...

My condolences, Sarah! That's the hardest thing about the second baby--you can't just sleep when the baby does because you have a toddler to handle in the morning. I hope Eli will keep being a good sleeper for you and they don't start tag teaming you in the middle of the night! And remember, things will get better soon. Hang in there (and happy sleeping this weekend!).

Amen on those DVRs. They are a mother's dream come true! With Chloe and Piper I tried to tape shows and rent DVDs for good things to watch in the middle of the night. The DVR is WAY more convenient :)

jcsev said...

Oh those first few weeks, after the baby is born...I don't miss those sleepless nights. Of course, mine all would go right back to sleep, for the most part, except Calder, who I had to come up with all sorts of tricks for. The thing that worked for him was keeping a heating pad on the place that I was going to lay him down, so it would be nice and warm (of course removing it just before I laid him down). He did alot better without the temperature change that normally comes from being laid down, out of a parents warm arms, onto a cold bed. Good luck, and just keep remembering that it will be better soon!!

Aaron and Emily said...

Oh poor Sarah. I remember Eli wasn't exactly easy as a baby, and now it sounds like Charlie is even tougher! I guess I was wrong when I kept saying "don't worry, the second will be easier!" Yes, thank goodness for DVR. Newborn babies was the only time I watched movies in the middle of the night!

Melissa said...
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Melissa said...

Oh Sarah you're scaring me. I can't remember when my kids last woke me up in the middle of the night (unless 6:30am counts as the middle of the night). It feels like a long time since I've had a baby. I guess you always just adjust and they get better. But I guess their cuteness makes up for it.