Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Quiet Afternoon at Home

Charlie had his 1-month shot today (for the Hep B vaccine), so he slept for a while in the later part of the afternoon. These longer chunks of sleep are rare for this guy!

Eli took a short nap and was grumpy when he first woke up, but soon perked up to his normal self.

We talked on the phone with Davey (Uncle Munkle) -
Colored on some junk mail (sorry Garnett Hill) -
Put crayons in the dump truck and dumped them back out -
and had some fun one-on-one time, which I think we've both missed.
As much as I dislike having this table in my house, it's so cute to see Eli coloring, playing, eating, etc. I'm glad it makes him so happy. I can't wait for spring when we can enjoy it outside on the deck...

And speaking of happiness, last night Charlie slept for six hours! I woke up after about four hours and then kept waking up every half hour, worried that something was wrong with him, but he was fine. I'm not counting on him doing this consistently every night yet, but it was nice to know it's possible! Good job Charlie :)


Marci said...

Good job Charlie on 6 hours! Isn't is funny that when they finally do that we are so worried about them that we can't sleep well anyway :-)!

Katie said...

Charlie!! Good job on six hours! Keep up the good work.

jcsev said...

I don't even think that I have told you this, but I have thought, for a while now, that Eli and You, remind me a lot of Levi and I when he was that age. You do a lot of the same things with him that I did with Levi. Even your talk about him is familiar. It feels sometimes, like I am glimpsing into my own past! Thanks for sharing all of the little things, it feels more "real". BTW, Charlie is so cute! I love his big beautiful eyes and sweet little face!

Amber Ro said...

They say that after the baby starts sleeping for 6 hours straight at night, you can start to feel like yourself again becuase you get to sleep too. Now you just have to work on not getting up to check on him!