Friday, February 20, 2009

Charlie at 1 Month and Eli at 21 Months

These are some pictures from yesterday, when Charlie was wide awake...

I on the other hand, was barely awake. This kid woke up to eat at 1 a.m., 3 a.m. (and stayed up for an hour), then 5:30 a.m. two nights ago. The thing that has saved me this week is that I hired a babysitter to come every weekday morning from 7 to 9 a.m. so I can go back to sleep. It's kind of a random thing and she's only available this week and next week, but I'll take it!! Hopefully after that, Charlie will be going longer stretches at night. Last night he did a much better job and was up at 2 a.m. and 5:45 a.m.

Here is my long, round, almost one-month Charlie (tomorrow is the official one-month mark)
He's losing his hair, poor guy :)

Here he is with some clothes on:
Eli was very sweet with him and read his favorite book, I Stink! to Charlie
And here is 21-month-old Eli, working on his alphabet puzzle:
stuffing veggie booty in his mouth:
drinking some milk in the sippy cup:
At 21 months, Eli is saying and doing so many cute things. He loves to copy us, especially when we're on the phone. The other night we were talking with Ben's brother Caleb and wife Elizabeth, and they told us something annoying with their health insurance - I said, "That's awful!" and Eli kept repeating, "Awful! Awful!" He also loves to say, "Nice!" because Ben said it the other day at dinner, I don't remember what the context was.

Eli likes to sing songs, and knows most of the words to Happy Birthday, ABCs, Twinkle Twinkle, You are My Sunshine, Mr. Golden Sun, I Love You (the lovely Barney song), the Itsy Bitsy Spider, and the Backyardigan's Pirate song. When we're driving in the car and a song comes on that he doesn't want to listen to, he says, "No no no" over and over until we skip it and go to to the next song on his CD.

I was pretty anti-television with Eli before Charlie was born, but now I will let him watch one show a day. He likes Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Bob the Builder, and Little Einstein's. His favorite DVD is the Laurie Berkner Band music DVD - he loves the "Oohhh Ahh" song. If he takes a nap, he gets to watch a few Sesame Street clips on YouTube - his favorites are "Elmo's Song," "C is for Cookie" and "Do De Rubber Duck."

Eli loves coloring on paper and in coloring books, playing with trains, sliding down his slide in the basement or pushing cars/trains/balls down the slide. He has been a good sport about being cooped up this winter! We can't wait for nicer weather (it's not coming anytime soon, unfortunately) so we can spend more time outside.


Laura said...

I'm glad you found a babysitter to come in for a few hours so you can sleep. I'm not looking forward to getting no sleep! Your boys are adorable.

LINDSAY said...

I love your cute boys

Marci said...

They are both so cute...and what a brilliant idea to hire a sitter in the mornings!

Valerie said...

Oh goodness, Charlie is such a cutie pie! Eli is pretty handsome too. :) And what a smart idea to get a babysitter to help you out! Good job.

Amy Gelwix said...

You have some very cute boys...

Sarah Smith said...

Charlie is DARLING! I see so much of Eli in him- do you guys see that too? I love the picture of the two of them on the couch together. So cute. I bet Eli is the best older brother. Hope you are recovering and getting some sleep! Stay in touch!

Miss you!

Amber Snow said...

Don't you LOVE having a sitter. I don't know if I'm going to want to give mine up when work slows down :) The boys look so precious. Keep up all the great pix.

emandteem said... sounds like a bad day (mostly the food poisoning stuff). Hopefully Charlie grows out of the reflux fussiness. I'm sure he will. I still think he's adorable.