Friday, July 24, 2009

Bubbles + Chalk = ?

I’ve had one of those weeks you just want to forget about – things were going haywire with my article that was due and there was a slew of other stuff making life difficult. So I’m going to instead focus on one of the funnier discoveries from today:


Eli was playing with the bubbles and chalk today, and at some point decided it would be fun to stick the chalk pieces into the big bottle of bubbles. He was pretty proud of himself! I guess we’re just going to leave the chalk in there and it will eventually dissolve? We’ll see!


Beckie said...

and make colored bubbles?
what a cute little boy. I love the things kids discover and then are so proud of themselves!

I am sorry for your bad week. It must be in the air.

but thanks for taking the time out to feed my family and check in on me!

Marci said...

What a little scientist :-). My girls played with our chalk in the rain yesterday and it isn't coming out of their maybe let him play with it if it ever comes out naked.

Krazy Khania said...

I love it!! He should show Evy. It seems like something she would doo. I don't think it will desolve though.