Friday, July 10, 2009

Morning in the City, Quiet Afternoon at Home

Yesterday morning we went with a few other moms and kids into Chicago for the Family Fun Festival at Millenium Park. Every morning in the summer months, there is a Wiggleworms music instructor from the Old Town School of Folk Music who does free sing-alongs for kids. It all took place under a huge white tent with lots of little kids and their parents or nannies. Eli had a blast! The guy singing even pointed at Eli at one point and said he was going to sing the song about a Little Red Wagon, just like what is on Eli’s shirt.

Unfortunately, the pictures I attempted during the Wiggleworms part didn’t turn out very well, but this is after the singing, when there were other kids’ activities set up throughout the tent. There were craft projects, an area with a bunch of hula hoops and jump ropes, books, blocks, etc. DSC_0112

This was Charlie’s first time sitting in the joovy stroller seat – usually he’s just in the car seat, but it was fun to see him sitting up, looking around at everything.


After the activities in the tent, we walked over to the fountains and the kids played in the water. It was very crowded! Millenium Park’s fountains are so unique in that they have random people’s faces projected onto them and it changes every couple of minutes. Eli kept pointing at this guy’s face and looking at me like, What is that??


Eli loved running through the water

DSC_0165 DSC_0176

and sitting in it too -


When we got home, the kids were pretty wiped out.

DSC_0216 DSC_0331

It was really cute watching Charlie turn to Eli and give him a big smile


Charlie spends most of his awake time rolling across the floor and chewing on his fingers.

DSC_0233 DSC_0285

I love the triple rolls shown on his arm in this picture. He laughs every time I call him my chubby chubby boy. Charlie is pretty top-heavy, so every time I try to get him to sit on his own, he tips right over or topples forward. A random lady told me today, “I had a baby even fatter than yours!” talking about her son who is now a teenager. I didn’t know how to respond… :)


The highlight of the afternoon – both kids took naps!! Eli spent the first 45 minutes in his crib playing, but after a while it was actually quiet and I was SO excited!! I’m glad our busy morning helped wear him out enough to actually rest. He was in the BEST mood in the evening and went to bed a little later, but it was really nice to have a happy toddler that late in the day!

DSC_0304Here are some things I’ve heard from Eli this week:

“Mommy use it?”

“Hi Mama!”

“No Charlie No!”

“I got Froggy, Mama!”

“What’s this?”

“Hold the duck, Mama”

“I want to pat it!” (referring to any bird, bunny, cat, etc. that is running through our yard)

“MINE!” (at least 100 times a day, usually for no reason but he feels entitled to say it)

“NO CHARLIE!” (he kept yelling this yesterday as I was carrying Charlie in one arm and a plastic bag w/ some random things inside in the other and Charlie’s feet kept kicking the bag – Eli did not like this)

“Be HAAPPPPPPPY Charlie!” (when Charlie is crying in the car)

“STOP IT Charlie!” (poor Charlie has a bossy big brother)

“I want that one!”

“I build it”

“I do it.”

“I’m Eli” (I often say things like, Are you ready, Freddy?” and he’ll reply, I’m Eli!)


jcsev said...

Great post, Sarah. I thoroughly enjoyed it! I can't wait to squeeze my little nephews in a couple of weeks!

LINDSAY said...

I loved all Eli's phrases. My favorites: "I'm Eli" and "STOP IT Charlie"! :) Cute cute boy!!!

Danielle said...

I love my Joovy Caboose... I hope yours is as useful as mine :) But mine's just a boring black color! I kinda like the orange! Can't wait to see you in a couple weeks!

Valerie said...

You take the best photos! And I love all of Eli's phrases- so cute!

Laura said...

looks like a lot of fun! Kids love water don't they!! I just love the pics you took of the kids for Charlies 5 months...beautiful eyes and kids!! I'm so glad your writing those down, I have forgotten and kids say the greatest stuff!! I need to start keeping a journal of them!