Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Charlie’s 6-Month Stats

This boy makes me smile! Sunglasses and a hot pink-handled sippy cup – all ready to walk to the park.


The sunglasses are a good teething toy too (and the car seat bar is a great foot rest, once again).


Charlie had his 6-month checkup this morning – he weighs 17 lbs, 7 oz (50%), is 75% in height, and between 25-50% for his head size. He is definitely using his toes/bum/arms to scoot where he wants to go (tonight he kept chasing a small Nemo ball around Eli’s bedroom and ended up wedged underneath the rocking chair – but he didn’t care because he had the ball in his hand).


And here’s the only clear shot I got of Eli at the park today. He was busy running around and playing with the other kids. He’s wearing his Nike outfit from his Aunt Cami – I think he liked that the slippery fabric helped him slide down the slide a little faster.


Yesterday Eli kept telling Charlie, “Turn around Charlie” when the little guy kept turning toward Eli while being fed in the bumbo seat. (Actually, I think it’s funnier in person.) Eli just loves to boss his little brother (and anyone else) around. Tonight he kept making Ben sing “Splish Splash I Was Taking a Bath…” while Eli was taking a bath. Of course the funnier things have already escaped me. Two-year-olds are just funny!


Laura said...

Jack has one of those slippery shirts he calls his "swimmer" shirt that he loves to wear and says makes him go faster. Funny these little kids somehow get the same ideas.

Amber Ro said...

Little Eli is looking more and more like his big brother to me. happy 6 month birthday, Eli!