Thursday, July 09, 2009

Loving the Back Yard

It’s hard to believe we’ve been in this house for almost a year! We closed on it in the middle of August, and between unpacking, being pregnant, having a baby and a toddler, I feel like the actual moving in has been very gradual. I often think about how different life is in the house versus how it was in our condo and am so grateful for the change. I still appreciate having a washer and dryer, a garage, a basement, and a fenced-in yard. We drove by the condo yesterday and the street was packed with cars – I felt so happy not to have to park the car far away, lug my kids and our stuff down the block and up the two flights of stairs!

Last year we didn’t have a ton of time to really enjoy the back yard before winter arrived, but this year is a different story! We play outside just about every day when the temperature is above 50 degrees. We still like to go out when it’s raining since Eli’s sand table has an umbrella over it.

One of Eli’s favorite things to do is play with the hose – he fills up buckets and dumps the water on the car or on plants (or himself).


We attempted to plant a tiny garden along the side of our house that gets a lot of sun. We planted two rows of peas, lettuce, zucchini, tomatoes, and herbs (they’re obviously not all in this picture). We’ve enjoyed peas and lettuce so far and are excited about the progress of the zucchini plants. The tomato plants have tiny green tomatoes starting to grow, and we love having the herbs on hand for cooking (basil, rosemary, cilantro, parsley, thyme, and oregano).


Charlie is in a grabbing stage, where he likes to get his hands on anything within reach (including the pea plants!).


I thought it was fun that Ben and Charlie had a similar color scheme going the day that I took these pictures. It was totally unplanned since Ben leaves really early in the morning for work (and I’m usually not awake yet). Big thanks to Charlie for sleeping 11 to 12 hours every night!



Marci said...

I'm so glad Charlie is sleeping well for you now! And I'm jealous of your garden...I have had bad luck in Houston so far (we didn't try anything this year)...hopefully next year we'll figure it out :-)!

Sarah Beck said...

Cute garden! I'm with you, I am grateful every day for a washer and dryer (for me, it was will my washer and dryer break down and flood every time I do laundry) and a garage (no ice to scrape) and we love our back yard too! Aren't houses great?

Sarah Beck said...

Oh, and we love the fact we have more than one toilet!

Rachel said...

Remember when Charlie was a horrible sleeper, and every post you wrote and every status update on Facebook was about how terrible his sleeping was? Doesn't that seem like a long time ago, or maybe not even the same baby? He is so cute and kissable.

And your garden looks great.

jcsev said...

Don't you just love gardens? We finally got one together this year. It took us this long because we couldn't decide which of the beautiful landscaping plants had to go in order to plant the garden. Finally, we just ripped out a few bushes. I love the pictures with Ben and Charlie! So cute. You have such a beautiful family.

LINDSAY said...

I do love those matching outfits!