Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Outdoor Fun

  I’ve tried to take advantage of the nice, mild summer weather we’ve enjoyed in the last week by going on lots of walks. Last week the boys and I walked to a park right on the lake. It’s a really pretty setting!


Charlie loves swinging


Eli almost looks too big on the baby swing -


I love Charlie’s long toes and chubby calves


On Monday, Eli actually napped and was able to stay up a little later, so we took the boys to the beach in the evening. It was kind of chilly, but still lots of fun.


Charlie likes to rest his feet on the bar where the car seat goes – we do have another tray that can go there once we’re definitely done using the car seat in the stroller, but I’m still using it occasionally if I think Charlie will sleep on the walk.


We have a fun alligator sand mold (or is it a crocodile? how do you tell the difference??) -


And the following pictures are from last Friday when we went to the park for more fishing. Eli can’t get enough of it! He is just like his dad.


The fish was only in the bucket for a few minutes before Eli dumped it back into the water. He has fun looking at the fish in there -


And we always have to play at the park (after fishing) before we can go home.



Marci said...

The fishing pictures are my cute :-)!

The Millers said...

Bennett keeps asking us if we are ever going to go fishing. I don't think Sam will ever take him. So Ben needs to come out here and take him fishing. Please.