Thursday, October 08, 2009

Charlie the Snuggliest Baby

For the last week, Charlie has been SO cuddly and snuggly. I love when he curls up, lays his head on my chest and sucks his thumb. There is nothing sweeter, and he usually does this when he’s tired or needing comfort. But it’s happened more frequently in the last week or so, and I’m enjoying it while this lasts.


There is something so fun about 8 months – Charlie is still very much a baby, but he is such a solid little squishy mass. He’s a substantial little guy who rests easily on my hip and likes to be wherever I go.


The picture above shows how long his hair was getting. Then we chopped it off… sorry Charlie. His hair is still thin in some areas and I felt like it was shaggy in other spots, so hopefully more will continue to grow and his head won’t freeze this winter.


I love the way he sits in the chair, with his legs sticking straight out.


I hope those arm rolls stay a while longer :)


Looking up at a balloon:


You can sort of see Charlie’s first tooth in the picture below. The second tooth on the bottom broke through this week, which has made Charlie’s naps and nighttime sleep all out of whack. I try to let him cry it out, but last night/early this morning he cried from 4 a.m. until 4:45 a.m. (I was awake that entire time, just listening to him scream) and finally gave in, went in and fed him, and thankfully Charlie went back to sleep until 7. Then for naps today he had a very hard time settling down and going to sleep, even though he was tired. My head hurts at the end of the day when he’s been crying so much, poor guy. Teething seems worse with Charlie than it was with Eli.


Charlie pulls up on anything and everything.


Here he is in the sweater my mom knit when Eli was a baby.


And just for fun – below are three pictures of Eli at 8 months. Lately people have been telling me that Charlie is looking more and more like Eli. I see the similarities, but think they still have distinct differences in how they look.



I get teary looking through these pictures… but it’s fun too. Brings back lots of fun memories!

There’s lots more to post, but I’d better get to bed in case Charlie’s up sometime soon… :)


Rachel said...

He is so darling, Sarah. I'm glad he's been extra cuddly in the day to help you forgive him for his crazy sleeping. My kids are late teethers -- they don't get their first tooth till closer to 10 months. So I can't blame Campbell's crazy sleeping on teeth. It is so hard to know if there is something legitimately wrong with them in the night, or if they are just manipulating us with their crying. This too will pass, right?

I think Charlie very much has his own look. Eli was super cute at 8 months as well, though. You have such darling boys.

Beckie said...

He is SO cute! I was glad I got to snuggle him a little bit this morning. I love the picture of him in the sweater, I remember Eli in that.

Brittany said...

he's just the sweetest baby! i agree that he and Eli look different, but in some of the pictures, he has similar expressions and then they look more alike.

Marci said...

Eli and Charlie really do look a lot alike...not exactly, but to me who has kids who all look so different, they could practically be twins :-). They are both adorable!

Hillary said...

Cute pics of your boys. I love seeing Eli when he was Charlie's age. They do look similar but have their own look about them. I'm glad that Charlie has been cuddly with you.

Caleb and Elizabeth said...

Charlie is a cute little guy, getting bigger everyday! I love the cuddly babies, my caleb boy love to cuddle and also sucks his thumb:o)they are sweet.

Zurmely family said...

so cute!! aj was super cuddly, too (still is, actually). I have people tell me all the time how much alike my kids look, but to me, they look totally different. Maybe it's cuz i know how different their personalities are. I think your boys look like brothers but their features are quite different if you look closely! Seriously, enjoy them... it seems like only yesterday my boys were that little and now they are 7 and 5!!

Aaron and Emily said...

Hm, he's starting to look different now, maybe I see a little more Ben now (mostly Sarah though). I love the haircut. And let me tell you, that cuddle picture just made my heart melt!

Krista said...

I had a lot to catch up on! I really am loving your pics of them in their fall garb. totally adorable.