Wednesday, January 12, 2011


A few weeks ago, it felt like my kids were going to have colds forever. January also always feels like it's taking forever. It's really only January 12th?? Ahhhh Chicago winters.....

While the boys were getting better, we laid low, watching movies... (Charlie is obsessed with Toy Story and the tv show Dinosaur Train)
Here's Eli tying up all sorts of things to use while playing with his army guys - (notice his sad sick face - his cheeks and nose were raw from his constant nose wiping - his sleeves always had this gross amount of crusty snot from his wipes when I wasn't looking). After about 10 days of still being sick, I brought the kids in to the doctor, only to find that they BOTH had double ear infections. Poor guys. They're doing much better now and Eli's face looks normal again. 

Lately bath time has been quite the production. Here the kids were having fun dumping/throwing water at each other's faces.
 Which always ends with someone crying (usually Eli, who is usually more emotional about everything).
This is last Sunday morning. We now have afternoon church and Ben didn't have any meetings beforehand, so we had a nice leisurely breakfast with the usual - honey nut cheerios.
It's so nice to have Ben around for breakfast. On weekdays he's always already on his way to work when the kids wake up.
 Gotta love the milk mustache - 
Sweet boys. Eli had his first day in Primary on Sunday and LOVED it! He's getting so big :( One of my favorite things that Eli is doing right now is working very hard to say the word, three, correctly. He has a habit of saying, "free" instead of three. But one day I practiced with him and showed how to use his tongue when he said the word. So now, every time he says, "three," he says it very carefully and drawn out. It's pretty cute. 


Kell's Belles said...

Such cute boys! I'm glad they're feeling better. I've been down the double ear infection road so many times and I know how miserable it can be (for both kiddos AND mommies!!!).

Caleb and Elizabeth said...

The boys are growing so fast! I'm happy to hear that they are doing better. They are so adorable.

Krista said...

um...eli when did you turn 10 in some of those pics?! He looks so big. So cute about him thinking hard how to say "three." I don't like to help my kids fix words sometimes because it's so endearing the way they say them. I guess it just makes me smile. :)

Krista said...

I'm sure I'll help Kai fix the word "wuf" for "wolf" when he's 10 though if he hasn't fixed it by then!