Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Snow: Melted and Back Again

Remember when Ben gloomily predicted our massive amounts of snow weren't going to melt until April? We managed to have a rare 50-degree day and the snow really melted.


However, I did manage to get the kids and I stuck in the alley a few days before the snow went away. That wasn't so glorious. 

I spent twenty-five minutes (at 5 p.m. when the boys are their least patient selves) trying to dig my car's wheels out of the icy rut that it was stuck in. Charlie was screaming and crying, Eli was a little concerned that we were stuck, and I was freezing cold. I had our shovel out there and was hacking away at the ice, then I'd hop back in the car, try to get out, and the tires would spin and the engine would make that awful noise when it's not going anywhere. I think the heat from my car eventually softened the ice a little and I gunned it out of there. I grumpily sent Ben a text with the following: "I NEED 4WD."

But after the snow melted, all of those frustrated feelings also melted away and I was soooo happy to not have to deal with the snow for a little while. No more tromping through the slippery, icy snow and trying to keep the kids dry and all of that.

But yesterday, we got a couple of inches of the powdery stuff. It wasn't as bad as that first snowfall though, so I wasn't as grumpy about it. Instead, yesterday we had an impromptu 30 minutes of playing in the snow after we got home from the gym (which I am happy to report - I have gone almost every day in the last two weeks! Hooray for getting rid of the Christmas chub). The boys were having so much fun that I ran in to the house and grabbed the camera.

We love the snowballer - 
Notice Eli's trying to lick the snowball - 
The goal? A bucket of snowballs - 
It was still snowing while we were playing, which was kind of fun - 
I'm not sure that Charlie was warm enough in that silly hoodie, but he doesn't ever complain... 
 Poor Charlie... snowballs to the face - 
He is such a good sport though. It takes a while before he gets upset.
Look at that devious face :)
His mitten fell off... time to go inside and warm up those wet, cold hands.


Lindy & Trever said...

I love these pictures! It's not always easy to live in the snow but it can be a lot of fun. And good for you, for going to the gym. Hopefully our paths will cross one of these days.

Caleb and Elizabeth said...

Playing in the snow looks like a lot of fun! The boys are in their natural habitat... how cool is that:0)
It's being cold here but there's not snow we had 28 degrees this morning.

Krista said...

looking at these pics actually makes me want to play in the snow again. cute boys.

Danielle said...

Once again, Dawna says, "When this house gets old, I want to get a new house where the snow comes..." I'm less excited about such a prospect, but seeing the boys play in the snow does cast a positive light on places where REAL winter comes:)... but then again... the car got stuck in the ice... yuck.