Thursday, January 20, 2011

Nature Walk, Playing at the Park, and In-N-Out

On Tuesday morning, Paul had to go in to school for a bit, so Becca took us to a nearby park for a little nature walk and to play at the park. 
 Photographing cactus never gets old!!
 Rocky mountains - 
 I wouldn't want to be poked with one of these - 
 It's so great that parks there have these canopies to shield the sun and keep the kids a little cooler, especially for the hot months. The sun is so intense there. 
 After the park, we swung through In-N-Out for some yummy burgers and headed home for the kids' naps. 

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Beckie said...

I wish all parks had covers over the slides..although it makes sense to have them there or in Florida. Kids can actually play on the slide...
and I am super super J of in and out!!!!