Thursday, January 20, 2011

U of A Medical Center and El Charro - Tuesday Afternoon/Evening

I wasn't prepared for what we saw when we walked up to the U of Arizona Medical Center on Tuesday afternoon. This is where Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords was being treated and where many of the others who were injured were taken on the day of the shooting. 
There were still news trucks lined up, waiting for updates and report on location.
It was amazing to see how many people had left candles, flowers, signs, cards, stuffed animals for the Congresswoman and to memorialize those who died in the incident. 
There were a lot of people walking around, reading the signs, quietly taking it all in. 
Paul's in his third year of a doctoral program doing cancer research at the U of Arizona. His lab is in the medical center and he had a neat view when President Obama's motorcade came through last week as he came to visit the Congresswoman. 
Paul's desk inside the lab - 
After touring campus, we had dinner at El Charro, which is a famous Mexican restaurant in Tucson. 
Here we are before going into the restaurant. 
It's not great when your kids are already a little wild before dinner at a restaurant... :) Charlie and Henry were pretty busy throughout our meal there!
Crazy kids!
This picture was on the host desk of the restaurant - a signed picture from Gabrielle Giffords to the restaurant, which sent food to the troops at some point. It's obvious the shooting has made a big impact on the community there. It's crazy to me that we traveled to Tucson just one week after everything happened. 

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Beckie said...

amazing pics of the memorials. so. sad.