Thursday, January 20, 2011

Arizona-Senora Desert Museum

On Monday, Paul and Becca took us to the Arizona-Senora Desert Museum, a really cool outdoor natural history museum, zoo, and botanic garden. 
I thought these men in front of Eli were pretty funny. I loved the cowboy hat on one and the golf clothes and nice shoes on the other as they walked on this dusty, rocky path.
The desert museum has these strollers that you can use for free! We noticed a lot of things about Tucson were very affordable and family friendly. 
This cactus is deceiving because it looks soft and fuzzy, but it's really just as prickly as the other types of cactus.
Pretty view - 
We watched a bird show, but the little kids were more interested in throwing rocks :) Not a big surprise! 
 I thought it was neat to see the different birds. 
We squished both boys into the stroller after the bird show because Eli was tired of standing and Charlie was wiggly.
Charlie sort of fit in the storage part of the stroller :)
Eli and Henry were throwing rocks at the tiny squirrel statue. 
You can't tell, but there was glass separating us and this snake. We saw a lot of snakes at this museum... they give me the shivers! I am not a fan of snakes. 
I loved all of these frogs - 
The boys had fun climbing through narrow caves -  
And hiding in a big turtle shell -  
Cute cousins - 
Charlie and Henry were pretty funny together. 
Both weren't huge fans of being in the stroller. 
We were there on a holiday, so there was a steady stream of visitors at the museum that day. But it didn't feel too crowded. 
Paul posing with the bat wings -  
Eli excavating some fossils - 
It was dusty, so he put on the eye gear - 
We asked this man (in the left of the picture) to take a group shot.
Here we all are! It was a perfect day to be outside and walking around the museum - I think the temp was about 70 degrees and not too cold or hot. Pretty nice for January!


Lindy & Trever said...

I love that you are all wearing short sleeves! So glad that you were able to find a good deal and get away. I can't imagine what it would be like to be in Tuscon after all that happened over the past two weeks. I am sure it was quite an experience. So glad you are back in town. :)

Krazy Khania said...

Love it! Grant had fun looking at the photos with me. He of course loved the snake the most.

The Gramster said...

Sarah, this made me so homesick for Tucson! My younger kids grew up there, and the Desert Museum was one of our favorite places. When the cacti bloom they are gorgeous, each variety having its own unique blossoms and colors. It was a wonderful place to live and a great environment for my family.

The desert has a beauty and charm that must be experienced to be believed! Glad you enjoyed it.

kell-bell said...

I love that you went to the Sonoran desert museum, growing up in Phoenix, we would always take our out of town friends there and they loved it, it helps you realize how beautiful the desert is. We miss you guys!

Beckie said...

yuck! and shiver to the snake!!!
Loved the bat picture. FUNNY