Thursday, April 02, 2009

Charlie at 10 Weeks

Charlie is a sweet 10-week-old. I love snuggling and talking to him. He isn't a fan of tummy time though.

Yesterday Eli randomly said, "Picture?" so I hurried and grabbed the camera, put Charlie on the couch next to him and started snapping pictures.

Here they are holding hands :)
Here is Eli a few minutes later, not sure about sitting that close to his brother:
But I got him to move back over and put his arm around Charlie:

And anytime Charlie is in the bumbo seat, Eli also says, "Picture?"
This is how Charlie sleeps - swaddled and in the car seat. It's sad b/c he's getting too big to fit in most of his swaddlers.
Here's Eli with some of his favorite activities - coloring...
...and playing with trains. We built this track the other day and he was so proud of it!

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LINDSAY said...

Tummy time was the worst. Katelyn hated it too.