Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Charlie at 14 Weeks

I love taking pictures of Charlie in the pack and play - it's near our front window where there is a lot of natural light. The pack and play doesn't look very pretty in our living room, but it's fine for the short term. And it gives me the chance to take pictures of Charlie in that nice light! (he was in a serious mood when I was taking these)

I can't believe how big Charlie is getting! Yesterday I brought Eli in to the doctor for a sick visit - he saw a different doctor since I called in that afternoon for an appointment (I was worried Eli had an ear infection, but it turns out it's just his 2-yr molars that are hurting him - he hasn't been sleeping well for the last few days). Anyway, the doctor, who is probably in his 60s and a really nice man, looked down at Charlie and asked how old he was. When I told him, he said, "He's robust!" It made me laugh. 


Aaron and Emily said...

ooo, i LOVE the first picture of him. You are quite a photographer too, Sarah.

I love the Eli stories on your other post. I can't wait to see him.

Young Family said...

Can you come take some pictures of my baby. I need some pictures of Parkers toes.

Hayden has been acting a little sick, too. I think/hope it is his 2 year molars.

Hillary said...

He is so darling. And I think he looks a lot like you, Sarah, especially in those close up pictures. I love round cheeks and chubby baby legs.

Kelly D. said...

Robust and handsome are perfect words for that little cutie! Your pictures are beautiful. You really have a knack for capturing him on camera.

Emily said...

That IS really great light! I love Charlie's eyes.

I wonder if Simon's molars are bothering him, too, because he's been waking up at night a lot. Good times.

Jenna said...

Sarah! Those eyes! He is so handsome!