Thursday, April 16, 2009

Yeah Mama! Yeah Dada!

Today we had a glimpse that Spring MIGHT be around the corner. We're supposed to have beautiful weather this weekend before it drops back down into the 40s and 50s next week. I love Chicago, but 6 months of winter is a bit much. However - there is something about the first warm days that really puts you in a good mood - Charlie was so smiley today:
He is a big bubbler...
Eli was in a great mood too and loved being out in the back yard. He collected some rocks and lined them all up, and counted them (as shown in the first video below). Eli's voice seems to get louder as each day passes, as is shown in the second video. Earlier I was helping him blow bubbles and he got so excited and yelled, "Yeah Mama!" Later he was watching Ben juggle the soccer ball and started to say, "Yeah Mama!" but realized he was actually cheering for Ben and switched his cheer to "Yeah Dada!" He also loves any counting that leads to "BLAST OFF!" so you'll hear that too.
Eli Counting Rocks
(the videos do work, despite the vertical lines showing up for the time being):

Eli Counting 1-10 at 22 Months from Sarah on Vimeo.

Eli yelling Yeah Mama! and Yeah Dada!

Yeah MAMA! Yeah DADA! (Eli at 22 Months) from Sarah on Vimeo.


jcsev said...

I love when Eli says "yeah, mama, NO dada!!" That was adorable, we watched it twice! I can't believe how perfectly beautiful Charlie is! I want to kiss him!

Anne's Little Life said...

You're right. Six months of winter is way too long, but look how cute Eli is in his winter garb! That makes it a little worth it. Charlie is a little charmer. I feel like 3 months old is the golden age after you've had a baby. Everything starts to feel a little more normal. (Although it seems like it's six months before you quit feeling so exhausted all the time.)

Beckie said...

I just scared Keenan when I was playing the Yeah Mama, Dada video clip. He thought Ava was yelling. He started running into their room. OOPS!


Charlie's big blue eyes are so so cute! they remind me of Marlee when she was little with her big brown eyes.

I LOVE their matching sweaters. SO cute!