Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Silly Eli

Here's Eli trying on my athletic shoes while still in his pjs:

Eli has been doing some funny things lately that I wanted to write down while I was thinking about it.

He recently discovered the junk drawer in the kitchen and has had all kinds of fun with the random stuff inside... orange tea lights from Halloween (for lighting the pumpkin), birthday candles, toothpicks, pencils, etc. Anyway, he was wearing his crocs over the weekend and decided to stick the birthday candles in the holes of the crocs. It was pretty funny because he kept singing "Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you..." (and I of course forgot to take a picture or get a video).

On Sunday as we were driving to church, I turned the radio to the classical music station for some mellow Sunday music (something I haven't done before -usually we just have the radio off). Eli kept saying, "Trip! Trip!" and I realized he was referring to the cartoon, Little Einstein's (the show's theme song says, "We're going on a trip..." so he refers to that show as "trip"). I think it's neat that he connected the classical music, since the show always features a classical song/composer. Eli's only watched it a handful of times, but it stuck with him!

Tonight after dinner, Eli kept saying he wanted to watch Finding Nemo. Now, this child does not watch tv very often (though this post makes it sound like he does). Ben and I figured we would let him watch 15 minutes of Nemo before putting him to bed... but it was probably not the best idea. The movie was so scary to him! Eli started crying at one point in the movie when Nemo's dad and Dory went flying out of the EAC (is that what it's called - where they're swimming w/ the turtles?) and are spinning out of control - I think Eli was worried they were hurt. And there were a few other times where he kept saying, "Scary!" and seemed really worried, so we would skip to the next scene. Eli is really sensitive and I have yet to find a Disney movie that doesn't totally scare him. We occasionally watch Sesame Street, Little Einstein's, Thomas, or Curious George, and none of those freak him out.

Another random thing - Eli loves to chase us around the house (and be chased), especially when Ben and I are both home. Then he and I run together, holding hands, and we try to sneak up on Ben. Eli SQUEALS with excitement and it's so cute.

And lastly, I need to get a video of this, but lately Eli answers, "Yes" to everything, rather than "Yeah." It's really funny hearing him clearly say, "yes" when you ask him a question. He has also picked up the phase, "Stop it!" somewhere and says it constantly. I'm not such a fan of that one. Today he was telling Charlie to "stop it" over and over again while we were at the store... Eli was sitting in the front seat of the cart and Charlie was in his car seat in the back of the cart. Charlie kept putting his feet up on the back of Eli's seat and it was driving him CRAZY. It was funny to me for a little bit and then hearing "stop it!" a million times started to drive me crazy :)


Zurmely family said...

My kids were scared of Disney movies until they were like 4. there are some really dark scenes... thank goodness for TIVO so we can have Dora, Elmo, Backyardigans, etc. on hand!

Kelly D. said...

My kids love Little Einsteins, too. The information really does stick! My girls use music terms all the time now (Fortissimo! is their fav) and can definitely recognize songs on the radio. I love that they include artwork, too.

You would be horrified by how much TV my kids are watching these days. Definitely more than 15 minutes :)