Saturday, April 11, 2009

Road Trip to Cleveland

Last Tuesday, the boys and I joined my friend Khania and her kids on a road trip to Cleveland. We all piled into her Jeep Commander, crammed all of our junk inside (amazing how much stuff I needed to bring for a baby and a toddler), and we were on our way.

We were going to go visit our friend Rachael, who lived here for a few years while her husband was in business school.

Picture of the Chicago skyline from the highway:
So this is pathetic, but I hardly had time to take pictures while we were there - the only time I really pulled out my camera was while I was showing Rachael my 50mm camera lens - taking pictures like these:

So we made sure to take a picture before we left - here are Rachael and Khania outside of Rachael's pretty house. Rachael has three kids, so there were seven kids, ages 6 and under, under this roof. It was a little chaotic at times, but lots of fun. Rachael spoiled us with her famous mint brownies and yummy kettle corn, and her baby present (well, really a present for me) was a beautiful strap cover that she made for my Nikon strap.
Thanks for a fun trip, Khania and Rachael! We drove back yesterday and for the most part, the kids all were really well behaved in the car. Eli didn't nap while we were in Cleveland and was overtired, but I couldn't get him to fall asleep in the car, silly boy! I think it took us about 7 hours each way (with a long stop for lunch both times). We're happy to be home, back to the regular routine.


Amber Ro said...

I am in AWE that you would attempt such a trip without Ben. You amaze me. Maybe I could get such courage...maybe not!

Beckie said...

FUN! I love that picture of Evy on her phone.
Cute house Rachael!