Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter! Today we had Stake Conference - here we are outside the church:

Eli looked so handsome, all dressed up

Here he is, showing a little attitude:
After most of us took a nap this afternoon, we drove up to my parents' house for Easter dinner. Here's my dad, sporting a beautiful apron, holding Charlie :)
My parents had a wooden Noah's Ark set that Eli loved playing with. It was really cute to watch him name all of the animals - I think his favorites were the penguins and the giraffes.
My parents hid some Easter eggs in the backyard, so we hunted around for them (but it was freezing!! Where the heck is our Spring weather?)

Back inside, Eli and Charlie had fun playing with Gram:

I love Charlie's smiles!
And his funny expressions:
Cute feet with long toes:

Here's Eli with the ark: Eli is talking so much now. Some of the things he decides to say are pretty funny. Last week we were making BLTs for dinner and Eli saw me cooking the bacon and yelled, "I want bacon!" - before then I hadn't realized how much he liked bacon. Then when we were in Cleveland, Eli saw Rachael cutting a piece of leftover birthday cake and declared, "I love cake!" and wanted some.

Eli also says "I want to reach it" or "I want to open it" quite a bit. Today he had an opinion about which socks he wanted to wear (of course they were athletic socks with soccer balls on them, but oh well! I figured no one would see them when we were at church). It's so interesting seeing your little boy grow and have his own opinions about how things should go...


Aaron and Emily said...

Love the Eli attitude pic and the close ups of Charlie. My kids have the same toes.

The Yosts said...

your boys are so cute!

LINDSAY said...

Everyone's wearing their aprons. That's funny!

Laura said...

Eli is such a dapper fellow. :-)

Krazy Khania said...

Oh your boys are soooooo sweet and cute! I forgot to tell you I loved watching Eli color at conference!

Kelly D. said...

Such a cute family! I love Eli's Easter duds. It's fun to see how the other half lives when it comes to Easter clothes :)

Katie said...

Sarah, these are fantastic pictures! And I love the aprons and Eli's big-boy outfit.