Thursday, August 13, 2009

Beach Day

Yesterday we spent the morning at the beach with our playgroup. There was a great turnout and Eli spent the majority of the time digging in the sand (rather than playing in the water, which made my life easier). This was the first time Charlie really dug into the sand too – he didn’t eat as much as I expected, but there was still a very messy ending!


Charlie is beyond the point of just laying there on the towel, so he immediately started crawling off into the sand when I put him down.


Here’s a bad shot of some of the playgroup – I just brought my old point and shoot camera and the lens didn’t open all the way – this is the result:


This is about as far as Eli made it into the water – the waves crashing on him wasn’t his favorite thing.


Charlie digging his hands in, enjoying the sand:


Tasting the rake is just as fun…



Khania brought this big bucket, which the kids all had fun filling with water and sand. I love Eli’s tummy :)


Charlie’s sandy face:


*On a side note – I edited these photos using new software called Aurora – I’m using the 7-day trial to see how I like it, but the full price is only $19.95. I read about it on a photog. blog and have been pleased with it so far! It’s VERY easy to make changes.


Marci said...

That is one sandy face!!! I'll have to look at that software...definitely more affordable than photoshop, which hopefully I'll get someday!

Laura said...

What fun trips this summer!! I love all the outdoor stuff you guys do!! I haven't been to yellowstone since I was little! We were in Utah at the same time! And I LOVE the sandy face!! How fun the her doesn't mind the sand! (though I'm sure that was hard to get all off!! Glad you having a fun summer!!! And is Charlie crawling???

Angie said...

I love Charlie’s sandy face!