Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Green Canyon Hot Springs, the Grand Canyon of Yellowstone, and Idaho

We spent one of our days at the Green Canyon Hot Springs, which is owned by Ben’s mom’s cousin. It’s an indoor pool that is fed by the hot springs there, so the temp is about 96 degrees! Pretty warm for a big pool like that. I didn’t get any pictures of the inside, but Eli had a blast swimming and jumping into the pool. Charlie seemed to be very relaxed, hanging out in a borrowed infant float for most of the time in the water. Afterward, we picnicked outside and Eli gobbled up lots of watermelon.


Ben took the boys on a hike while I rested in the shade. The plan was that Ben would stay and fish with his dad, and I would drive the kids back to our cabin (about 90 minutes away – yes, most things were about that far away). The drive back was stressful – the boys were tired and unhappy and I get nervous driving in the middle of nowhere. Somehow driving in Chicago doesn’t stress me out, but driving on the open road in Idaho is a little scary? I hate all of the people trying to pass each other on two-lane roads. I had two close friends die in a car accident right before my senior year of high school, which happened when they were passing another car late at night. I don’t think I’ll ever feel very comfortable passing like that.


On a happier note, we decided to go back to Yellowstone for a second time, and saw more bison:


It took us THREE hours to get to the Grand Canyon of Yellowstone because of construction in the park. Our boys were NOT happy!! I tried to see the humor in the situation and got a video for proof of their lovely behavior (Eli didn’t like that Charlie was crying and just wanted to watch an Elmo DVD – ironically called, “Whatever Makes You Happy.”

Eli and Charlie Crying (Eli Yelling, "STOP!!!") from Sarah on Vimeo.

But we made it and the drive was worth it! Yellowstone is so beautiful.


On our way out of Yellowstone, we stopped so that Eli could wade in the river and throw more rocks, which he loved. This may have been the highlight of the trip for him – rock throwing is a must!


And here are some pictures of the Idaho countryside – it was very pretty to me. We saw a lot of wheat, potato, alfalfa, and corn fields.


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