Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Videos of Charlie Crawling

It’s been a busy week – I hosted a baby shower on Saturday and was a little hectic in the days leading up to it, trying to get our house clean/decorated/set up. And now I’m not sure how it’s already the middle of a new week! Some other things to note -

On Sunday morning, Ben was gone at church meetings, and I was home alone with the boys. I realized Charlie’s nails were getting pretty long, but the only clippers I could easily find were the adult clippers. I figured it was fine and started trimming his nails, but my squirmy little guy moved while I was about to cut his pinky nail – it all happened really fast, but I ended up cutting into the middle of his pinky nail, not the end. There was a TON of blood and poor Charlie was screaming, I was trying not to cry (and felt HORRIBLE about what had just happened), and Eli was kind of oblivious to it all. I gave Charlie motrin and called the pediatrician’s office to see if I needed to bring him in, but the doctor on call said it was probably fine if I could get the bleeding to stop and if it didn’t seem like too deep of a cut.

The problem with this is that it’s impossible to carefully examine a 6-month-old’s bleeding finger. The bleeding finally stopped and I put Charlie down for his morning nap. When he woke up, a scab had already formed and it seemed okay.

Later at church, Charlie’s scab broke off and he started bleeding again, this time while he was being held by a friend sitting in our row. Lovely. Thankfully Charlie’s blood didn’t end up on her clothes and she even ran out to her car to get a band-aid for his tiny finger.

Today, Charlie’s finger seemed to be healing, though I was able to better see what the cut looks like. It’s not pretty. But I have hope that it will continue to heal and I’m trying to keep it as clean as possible so it doesn’t get infected. UGH. Charlie’s other hand still has long fingernails because I can’t bear to try it again.

On a happier note, Charlie is such a funny crawler. Below is are two videos that exhibits how he moves – sticking his bum up in the air and pushing up on all fours, flopping down and often hitting his face, and army crawling. He still can’t sit up without support for more than a short time, but he’s very good at getting where he wants to go.

Charlie Working Hard at Crawling (Take 2) from Sarah on Vimeo.

this one has some random stuff from Eli in the background that is kind of funny, all while Charlie is trying to crawl around:

Charlie Crawling at 6 Months - Take 1 from Sarah on Vimeo.

And one of my favorite Eli quotes of the week – yesterday we were at Trader Joe’s and I asked one of the employees if the store had any of the pork carnitas – the guy checked in the back, then returned and said that the store had run out of them. Eli kept saying after the guy walked away, “It ran away? Tacos ran away?” (We always have tacos with the carnitas) Eli was very concerned. :)

The other food-related comment from Eli from the weekend – we were eating something (I’m forgetting now what it was) and Eli kept running off and playing, and then would come back to where I was sitting. He asked where my food was, and I said it was in my tummy. Eli then pushed on my stomach and said, “I don’t see it!”


Laura said...

A very non-traditional crawl, but very cute.

Natalie said...

totally cute! that Charlie, he's a charmer. And Eli cracks me up. I can just imagine his concern that his tacos are going to run away.

Jenna said...

He is seriously the most beautiful baby! I starred at him at church the entire hour you guys sat in front of us. He is just yummy!