Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Hiking around Island Park

Somewhere near our cabin was this beautiful area to hike. This was the first full day of the trip, and Eli was kind of in an off mood. We figured he was worn out from traveling the day before, but it later became apparent that he had a fever too.

We had borrowed a hiking backpack from our friends, the Broughs, so we put Eli in that and Charlie in the Ergo carrier, which I had borrowed from my friend Katie. The day before, I had worn Charlie in the baby bjorn through the airports and getting onto the plane, but I woke up the next morning with MAJOR pain in my back and shoulders. I couldn’t turn my neck very well to either side and overall just felt terrible. I tried the Ergo with Charlie and it felt okay, but this was the last time on the trip that I carried either of our kids on my back. I also own the Beco carrier, but for some reason, Charlie seems to feel more claustrophobic in it because the material is stiffer. I need to keep putting him it so the Beco so it isn’t so stiff.



My sister-in-law, Emily, and our cute nephew, Samuel. She loves her Ergo carrier. DSC_1995

Beautiful scenery on the hike:


We switched things up and put Charlie in the backpack, but we didn’t secure him in it very carefully, so he didn’t last long before getting fussy.


Ben’s mom with a bunch of her grandkids, hanging out on a rock.


Ben’s parents hiking along with the kids:


There was supposed to be a waterfall at the end of this hike, but we turned around after a while because Eli was falling apart and pretty miserable. It was a harder hike than most of us expected, so I don't think anyone made it the entire way, but it was such a pretty place to walk around.


LINDSAY said...

Last year when we were in Island Park we hiked on that same path along the river. It's very beautiful.

Sarah Beck said...

Wow what great pictures! I want your camera!