Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Rafting at Henry’s Fork

We spent one of the days taking turns rafting at Henry’s Fork, not too far from the cabin. We left Charlie at the cabin with Cheryl and took Eli along, who was a little reluctant at first.


We were in the raft with Joe and Cami and three of their four boys.


The other raft going with us had two adults and six kids! Matt and JoAnn were brave to have that many kids with them.


It was a very slow part of the river, and there were many times when someone would get out and drag the raft along to keep things moving (because it was shallow). We had lots of fun though!


Eli and Amanda:



LINDSAY said...

The rafting looked like so much fun. I love that! I sure do love that Henry's Fork.

jcsev said...

Haha! I think we did a good job of quelling the unrest, Sarah! It just might have been a little too long for the little guys (well my little guy, at least! He doesn't like staying put for long) Great photos! I am so glad you risked your camera to get some shots along the river.