Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Sunday – Another Waterfall and an Evening in Ashton, ID

We had our own church service at the cabin on Sunday morning, and then in the afternoon, the plan was to head out to Ben’s aunt and uncle’s house near Rexburg, out in the country in Ashton, Idaho (it was about an hour and a half away). On the way, we stopped to see another waterfall.



Ben’s aunts drove his Grandma Wightman up from Utah to Idaho so that she could see everyone at the reunion, which I thought was really neat.


Ben’s uncle Jerry loves to fish and hunt, and their house has lots of evidence – including this bear rug in his office. Eli thought it was the coolest thing ever and was climbing all over it. This is definitely not something you see in Chicago!


Cheryl with Hannah, Eli, and Dawna:


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