Saturday, August 22, 2009

Charlie at 7 Months

I can’t get enough of my squishy, cuddly, lovable baby boy. It makes me a little sad that he’s already 7 months! Just in the last few days, I’ve noticed that he can sit up on his own a little more steadily. He’s making more progress with crawling and is almost to the point where he can arch his back enough to wiggle out of the bumbo seat when I’m feeding him solid foods (we feed him on the floor in the bumbo now just in case). He is VERY distracted if there is any sort of noise around while he is nursing (which is almost all the time since Eli isn’t quiet). Charlie knows his name and is a social, happy little guy. He was sleeping through the night before our vacation, and ever since then has gotten up at least once in the night. It's been a tiring couple of weeks trying to get him sleep trained again.


Always curious…


And I have to include some photos of Eli from the other day. He is an emotional, articulate, sensitive little boy. I’ve noticed lately that he is vocalizing his emotions more – and reminds me of times when he was crying or sad. Eli can be SO much fun, but he can also be very draining when he is in one of his moods. He is very rule-abiding and will freak out if something is out of place, especially when we put him to bed at night. A few nights ago, he still had his little teeth flosser thing in his hand (in his crib) and he started crying because he isn’t supposed to take that to bed with him (we had already shut the door and gone downstairs, but we went back in to see what was wrong – he was fine once we took the flosser back). I think Eli tries to inflict rules on Charlie because he likes rules and boundaries, which Charlie knows nothing of yet and loves to get in Eli’s personal space.


And some more pictures of Charlie -


This is not for my germ-a-phobic friends – sorry, it’s gross. As my friend Erin said when I told her Charlie was eating the play-doh crumbs that Eli kept dropping while playing, two words - “Second child.” Here he is, licking the phone:


The phone is a good teething toy as well. We were talking to my mom on the phone.


This didn’t have a happy ending. Charlie was not pleased when I took the phone away.



Marci said...

Such cute pictures of your boys! Eli reminds of Ella with his rules :-). It is so nice is many ways but has it's downsides too. Of course Addie doesn't care about rules at all and she is definitely more challenging, but I love her independent attitude. It will be interesting to see what Charlie is like as he gets older.

Young Family said...

Isn't if funny how things change when there is more than one child?

Anne's Little Life said...

You are such a talented photographer Sarah. Those pictures capture your boys beautifully! I can't get over their eyes. I think Charlie is looking more and more like you.

Jenna said...

Your boys are just so adorable! You take great pics Sarah!

Aimee said...

Cute pictures, Sarah! Nathan is the same way with rules - he is such the little enforcer for Benjamin, telling him how things are supposed to be. I guess it's nice for them to have someone littler that they can order around.

Danielle said...

Yeah... considering what my second child eats and gets into, I find it miraculous that I, number eight, actually survived to adulthood :)

Laura said...

He is so so big! I can't believe that he is already crawling and getting around so well! Both of your boys eyes are beautiful!! Isn't it fun to see their personalities?? they are totally born with who they are and will show it from the moment they are born! What fun to see what little men they are turning into!!

The Yosts said...

You take such great pictures of your boys! I love how well you keep thei lives chronicled- we soon forget all the little things.