Wednesday, December 15, 2010

The Stress of Christmas Cards

Why are Christmas cards so stressful each year?? It's so hard to get a good picture of our family because my kids don't like to cooperate! We had a wonderful friend take our pictures (and there were some good ones that I'm not including on the site since cards aren't out yet) - here are some of the outtakes - 

Anyway, you'll see our holiday card soon, hopefully in the next week if I can ever get the labels printed out. Over the weekend, I heard about a promo from Shutterfly from a friend and am kicking myself for not shouting it to the world, but it was ending that day and I barely had time to apply for the deal. They were having a promo for bloggers to spread the love about Shutterfly's fabulous greeting cards - in exchange, I'll get a code for 50 free cards, which I'm going to use to put together cards for my parents. I've also done calendars before through Shutterfly and thought they turned out well. I recently made a 5x7 photo book for a gift for Ben (with pictures from our Mexico trip) and it's so fun to have. 

Thanks Shutterfly!!


Beckie said...

Those are the BEST pictures!!! I love it. I think it is so funny to see all the out takes : )

Krista said...

love the out takes too and the little bums on the bottom pic. :)
Do you tell shutterfly not to improve the color or anything? I am surprised with how enhanced some of my photos are...but now I can't remember if that is shutterfly or snapfish.

Lindy & Trever said...

Amen! I still think these pictures are too cute.