Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Winter at Brookfield Zoo

When you visit a Chicago zoo in the middle of winter, you never know what you're going to get. I didn't expect to see camels hanging out in the snow...
 It was about 30 degrees outside, so Charlie was bundled in a shirt and two hoodies. I was glad he was wearing a hat at least, though I know he would have been more comfortable if he kept his mittens on.
 Our main reason for going to the zoo was that I got some free tickets from a friend who is a member at this zoo. We usually go to the Lincoln Park Zoo since it's closer to us (and free), but the Brookfield Zoo is much bigger. I hadn't been to this zoo since I was a child. Khania and I went together with our combined four kids. As you can see below, Charlie was thrilled to take a group picture in the kangaroo's pouch.
 Grant kept throwing huge snowballs in the air and smashing them on his head, silly guy.
 I love that Khania and Evelyn have the same facial expression while they're walking here:
 It was freezing outside. So we spent a lot of time in the indoor areas. Look how close we were to these beautiful giraffes.

 One way I was keeping my tired, cold Charlie happy was by giving him clementines, which he proceeded to keep in his mouth for a while (and had a piece in front of his teeth to be funny).
 Can you tell he still has a clementine wedge in his mouth?
When you live in the Midwest, it may be freezing in the winter, but we still have to get outside! I'm proud of us for going to the zoo in December :)


Krista said...

I'm so proud of you too for going in the winter. I felt a little cold just looking at the pics!!

Gwendolyn said...

Way to get out, Sarah (especially when everyone's finally healthy again)! P.S. Your sleep advice has been magical--I must thank you over the phone but short version is: he was definitely old enough and has taken to it beautifully. Thank you!

krobinson said...

Wow!! lovely pictures! Your pictures are really making me to visit Brookfield zoo.