Sunday, December 26, 2010

Visit to Santa on Dog Day at the Mall

Last Monday evening, we drove over to the Northbrook Court Mall to squeeze in a visit to Santa before Christmas.

Little did we know, Monday was take your dog to see Santa night. Apparently, this happens every Monday night in visiting Santa season.
There were at least 15 dogs in line with us as we waited to see Santa. This one was right before us.
He was HUGE. The owner said he weighed 135 pounds. I'm sorry, but I think it's a little crazy to bring your gigantic dog to the mall to take a picture with Santa. Especially when you and your kids don't get in the picture with it - this dog had a solo picture with Santa while the family stood next to the photographer and coaxed their dog to smile at the camera.
We stood in line forever. Eli was concerned because "Bad Dog" was there with us at the mall and was going to ask for "bad stuff" from Santa. Bad Dog is the nemesis of one of Eli's favorite imaginary dogs, Superdog.

Finally it was Charlie and Eli's turn. They were pretty excited, though Charlie was tentative at first; he didn't say much - just kind of stared while Eli chatted with Santa.

It took some prodding and me saying, "Hiccup!" a bunch of times for us to get the winning shot with both kids smiling. This Santa is so sweet with the kids and is the same Santa each year.

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