Monday, April 11, 2011

Charlie's Behavior and More Gems

Here's a random list of thoughts from this week:

1. Charlie has been really difficult lately. Throwing CRAZY fits that almost put me in tears because it is so sad and extreme for such a normally sweet little guy. Here's a clip of what he is like when he goes into these monster tantrums. It's a little hard for me to watch because he's so upset, but it shows his stamina with how worked up he can be and how long he goes for (often he screams for 20 to 30 minutes - now we put him in his crib when he goes berserk to keep him more safe--we tell him we'll come back when he stops screaming). I think in the video, he was mad about us changing his poopy diaper and starting to get him ready for bed. He kept grabbing the new diaper and trying to rip it off (please excuse my messy bedroom and laundry that needed to be put away... and I don't know why the video is formatted so weird, it was taken with Ben's phone):

Screaming 2-year-old Charlie from Sarah on Vimeo.

2. Today Charlie continued his naughty streak by throwing a fit toward the end of Sacrament Meeting in church. We have church at 1 p.m., which is a horrible time for a 2-year-old who still naps. He was worn out and getting restless and wanted nothing to do with the snacks or activities that I had brought for him. Instead, he opted to roll around under our bench, fussing and kicking the woman sitting next to us. I didn't have an easy escape route because I was in the middle of the long middle row and instead I was crouching down (in my skirt), trying to quietly get Charlie to get him off of the floor or at least move Charlie's legs in a different direction... but every time I did this, he would promptly move them back and kick her some more.

Of course this person's kids are grown and she was there at church by herself, minding her own business, trying to listen to the meeting. And my stinker child was kicking her ankles. Afterward I apologized about 10 times and she told me it's okay, her 2 1/2-year-old grandson is quite the pill right now too. Wonderful. Yes Charlie, you were being a total pill. But I did feel a little victorious that we got Charlie to wear his nicer clothes to church (nicer as in khaki pants and a polo shirt). So I'd say the score was even today.

3. On a more positive note, I've noticed my boys getting along better, especially when we're out of the house (at home they fight a LOT). When we're at a friend's house or playgroup, they tend to stick near each other and Eli can be really protective of his little brother. At the park this weekend, they were being really cute, running around the playground and playing little games. There is a bridge at a park that we like, and they took turns pretending to be the troll in the Three Billy Goats Gruff story. Eli and Charlie have some great troll voices.

But that's only sometimes. They have real troubles when we're in the gym after church and Eli is chasing Charlie trying to grab the bottom of his shirt and pull him down, which of course makes Charlie upset. I know, it's probably not optimal that we let our kids run in the gym after church. I honestly don't care anymore. They are so wiggly after three hours of church that I don't blame them for needing to move their legs a little. Today Ben was busy after church counting tithing, so I was on my own and had no desire to rush home and deal with their tired little emotional selves there. Ben got home two hours after church was over. Sundays are MUCH easier now that we have two cars.

4. It was 85 degrees here today. Yesterday it was cold outside. Today it was humid and stiflingly hot inside our house. Right now my thermostat inside says it's 79 degrees and it's midnight. I can't bring myself to turn on the a/c in April!! We're supposed to drop back down to 55 tomorrow, so it's short-lived. Phew. I'm excited for summer, but a little in-between spring weather is always nice.

5. I had dental x-rays yesterday because I haven't had them done in forever and had some pain with one tooth. Of course it turned out I had a cavity - the x-ray showed a small crack toward the bottom of a lower molar. I had to get THREE shots of novacaine to not be in major pain as the dentist was drilling. I was miserable for the rest of the day and Ben said I looked totally wiped out. In his words, I looked like I "needed a Red Bull." I don't drink Red Bull, but I definitely was hurting and low on energy on Saturday afternoon/evening. It took a long time for the anesthetic to wear off, and my jaw was pretty sore. Dental work is the WORST and that was my second cavity. So sad - I was happy to just have one problem tooth, now I have two.

6. I love the blog, Miss Minimalist. I am by no means a minimalist, but I am trying to be a little more streamlined in my life. I loved her very comprehensive post on where to donate your stuff  and 100 ways to simplify your life. Amen to all of that. And when I'm not being a minimalist, I loved Cardigan Empire's list of store markdown schedules. You know I love a good deal. :)

7. My kids used to be awesome sleepers, but aren't so much right now. I don't know what is going on, but Charlie wakes up crying almost every night now, often just a few hours after he goes to bed. It's really hard to know what to do - sometimes we let him cry it out, other times he is up there just screaming and screaming for a long time (30 minutes) and doesn't calm down until we go in. I'm pretty sure he's getting some molars, but who knows. Eli isn't much better - for example, he just came downstairs and said he couldn't find the spider in his bed that had pincers. I went upstairs, checked his bed, proclaimed it clear of spiders and put him back to bed. I have no idea why he is waking up randomly in the night too.

8. I need to get back on the exercising bandwagon. I've been a bum for a few months now and it's time to get ready for summer clothes after hibernating all winter. That means I should go to bed earlier so I have more energy, but going to bed on time is an ongoing struggle and one of my New Year's resolutions that I've totally failed at. Lame. I can do better.

9. We've watched a range of Netflix movies this weekend. I liked 127 Hours, even though it was a little hard to watch at various parts and had too much swearing (we usually don't watch rated R movies, but make exceptions sometimes). I thought James Franco was great and the movie was written in a way that didn't make the 127 hours feel like forever. We also watched Ping Pong Playa and I wouldn't say that it's a must-see, but definitely funny at times and more interesting to Ben since his office has a ping pong table and they play just about every day after the market closes.

10. I'm still addicted to peanut m&ms, despite that I have acid reflux and should avoid chocolate and that I'm trying to eat more healthy foods. Yet another New Year's resolution that I have totally failed at. My new resolution is to make more realistic resolutions next year. :)

PHEW. I'll post less word and fun pictures next time!


kelly said...

sarah, his fit reminds me of josh when he's over-tired. i think it is a really good idea to give him a "spot" to cry and not play into it and give too much attention. you're doing a great job! maybe he's frustrated that he doesn't have more control of his know, just getting to that age when he's trying to demonstrate some independence and will power. also, eli waking up for random things at night reminds me of josh too. his pediatrician told us that kids often will do that when they are feeling the sensation that they have to pee or are holding in pee. often times, after potty he'll go right back to bed and then sleep soundly. i don't know -- i sound like ms. answer woman today. sorry for the unsolicited advice. i think you're a fabulous mother and you guys will figure it out without my two cents. :)

Beckie said...

I know I shouldn't laugh, but it is SO funny! ONLY because I am not the one listening to it and going through it. I am SO sorry! Charlie YOU NEED TO STOP!!

Paul said...

Henry's molars are half way in now. We blamed them for his nightly crying that lasted a week or so.

Zurmely family said...

so, a tantrum tip that has worked WONDERS with Aj - don't get them until 20 minutes after they've stopped screaming. it allows seratonin levels to come back to normal and pushes the adrenaline out. otherwise, that adrenaline stays in the system and re-triggers tantrums throughout the day. i HATED church with toddlers!! it gets better... good luck!