Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Something Tangible to do for Japan

We've donated to the Red Cross and our church's humanitarian fund for Japan's relief efforts, but sometimes it's nice to feel like you are doing something really hands-on for people in need. Now here's your chance.

A blogger (who I have no personal connection with) has been in contact with a school teacher in Ishinomaki, Japan, that was hit hard by the earthquake. She has expressed the kids and adults in that community are in need of various items, many of which are in our own homes already and would be easy to share.

I learned about this opportunity from my sister-in-law Emily - check out this link for more info and to contact Nicole for the address of where to send a box, which will go to a Buddhist monk there in the village who will distribute the items coming in these boxes. So far the site shows that 379 boxes have been shipped so far.

I'm pasting some excerpts of her blog post below so you can see what they are looking for -

"I’m calling out to you, my readers, to send one box.  That is all.  One box filled with most of the things you already have sitting in your cupboards.
What Sachiko says the children need:
erasers/ pencils/crayons
paper and supplies
special things like candy, something fun that brings a smile
shippable foods
Besides what is on the list, I confirmed that things that are gently used, like children’s clothing, dried fruit, granola bars, and such would be wonderful as well."
and later in the post:
"If you are serious about sending a box, email me personally in the contact me section on my blog and I will email you right back with the address.  Her parents are presently housing 15 adults who have lost their homes.
Their needs are:
paper products (toilet paper, paper towels)
feminine products (pads, tampons)
baby wipes (currently used for bathing there, if they have them)
antibacterial gel (there is a sickness like the flu passing through rapidly)
food (plain noodles, dried fruit, other things that ship easily)
gently used clothes, socks, shoes
disposable gloves and lotion–for sorting through the rubble
If your family chooses to get involved and send one package, have your children help by creating cards for the children.  Sachiko says the children need some happiness.  I can’t even imagine their feelings, longings for familiarity, and sorrows.  Put some fun things in their box, too.
Let’s do this together, please.  If you can commit one box to Japan, share it with us in the comments.   My goal is that this blog, through you generous people, can send 
 400 boxes to Ishinomaki, Japan.  This town has been devastated.  We have a real, hands-on way to give of our bounty.  Please.  Pass this on as well- through Facebook, friends, etc.  Can you imagine the out pouring of boxes to this school, to this generous Buddhist monk and the people he’s caring for?"
I think it's such a great idea - I've contacted Nicole for the address and am planning to send a box in the next few days.

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