Thursday, April 07, 2011

More Conference Weekend

Please excuse the messy family room, there were toys everywhere and we were folding the millions of loads of laundry during conference. Eli was busy working on his core muscles while coloring :) In the last few months he's been really funny about doing little exercises that he learned in gymnastics or physical therapy.
We have cable that doesn't come with the BYU channel, so we improvised and connected Ben's laptop to the tv. It works fairly well and Eli thought it was entertaining to see conference on two different screens. The kids liked watching when the Mormon Tabernacle Choir was singing and called the women "the singing mamas" and the men "the daddy's." It was pretty funny.


Krista said...

I had a great catch up this morning :) I think that was awesome to visit botanic gardens. I love how you guys rigged up conference. Good job. Love that Eli calls the can the pirate ship and he has to walk the plank. Gram looks beautiful in her birthday pics.

Beckie said...

I love the picture of Ben and Charlie. sweet moment!