Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Gram's 86th Birthday Lunch

We got together for my Gram's 86th Birthday a few weeks ago (and I'm catching up). I think she looks pretty fabulous for 86 years of age. She and my dad spent a lot of time reading to the boys while Ben, my mom and I finished getting the birthday lunch ready.
Eli had fun helping Gram blow out the candles on her coconut cupcake and open presents.
After dessert, Ben, my dad and Eli spent a lot of time studying Ben's Michigan Gazeteer. We're taking a weekend trip to Michigan's Upper Peninsula soon and Ben has been studying the streams and lakes with hopes of finding optimal fishing. He is so excited for our outdoor adventures and Eli is too. Eli had fun looking at the symbols on the map - images like a figure hiking, or a tent to indicate a campground, etc. My dad loves maps too and was teaching Eli about the various places on there.
Love you Gram! Happy Birthday :)


Beckie said...

GRAM! you look amazing!!! Happy Birthday

kierst10 said...

Alice! Happy Birthday! I miss you.