Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Snow + 2 Crazy Boys = Enduring Neverending Winter

We woke up to record-breaking snow yesterday. It's been cold and rainy for the last week, and now it snows. Booooo. Six months of winter is rough. I try to be positive about our crazy weather that lingers and lingers and lingers since Ben is usually complaining from about January on and I resist joining in because I'm the main reason we live in this cold place, but now we're both so tired of it.

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I keep dreaming about warm Lake Michigan beach days in our future and how much fun we're going to have this summer just playing outside and enjoying the sunshine. But those dreams were pushed aside by the white stuff on the ground yesterday. Thankfully it melted by the middle of the day so we didn't have to look at it anymore. But it was still freezing outside!! Brrrrr.

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This week Charlie is like a new little guy (remember the screaming tantrum from a little bit ago??) He still throws tantrums, but they aren't as often and he's sleeping better through the night. I am totally blaming those difficult weeks on his molars coming in. He's still two years old and has plenty of fight in him, but I'm continually learning what he wants and needs or thinks he needs. I think it's hilarious to hear him tell me he wants a "grown-up spoon" with his breakfast. No kids utensils for Charlie.

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He has had a word explosion and says all kinds of hilarious stuff. I love hearing my sweet little boy talk and interact with people, especially when it's with Eli. He really looks up to his big brother and he is always very concerned if someone gets hurt. Today Eli kept poking me in the back with his elbow and I was saying, "Ouch!!" and Charlie looked over with big blue eyes and asked quietly, "You okay Mama?"

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Eli continues to seem so old to me lately. He was the reverence child at the beginning of primary on Sunday and it was so fun to watch him up there. He stood up in front of the chaotic, full junior primary with his arms folded and a shy smile on his face. He quietly looked around the room, then glanced back at me standing in the back. I kept giving him big smiles and thought it was so cute that he took it seriously and was being so reverent. After we came home from church, we walked into the family room... it was pretty messy from the morning and Eli commented on how he had dumped his bucket of army guys out when he was frustrated with something Charlie did.

"It was a mistake, right?" he said very seriously.

I told him yes, it was a mistake to act like that and there are other ways we can express our frustration, rather than throwing or dumping toys out...

"Did you know Heavenly Father and Jesus still love us even when we make mistakes?" Eli asked.

I'm so grateful for the teachers at church who help my 3-year-old understand basic but important aspects of the gospel. I'm guessing they talked about mistakes and repentance at church and he recognized how it applied to him that day.

Sure love those cute little guys.
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Krista said...

Ahhhh. That was a sweet post. Did u wake early to post or never go to bed last night? :)

Marci said...

I can't believe you have snow again...I couldn't do it! I love that first picture of the boys in the window together!

Jess said...

We are flying to Chicago tomorrow and I just checked the weather--brrr! I am freezing already! The worst part is that neither of my kids has shoes that fit them right now. They grew out of them sometime in March, and being in Texas, I just bought them new sandals!

See you in church on Sunday!

Gwendolyn said...

I'm so glad things are better with Charlie this week. Those toddler tantrums take quite an emotional toll! Hope your weather improves soon :)