Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Robin Eggs, Blogger Issues and Rain Rain Rain

I am so in love with these beautiful blue robin eggs that we found in a nest on our back porch. I had to climb up high on the railing to try to capture this shot when the mother bird was away from her nest.
Back Yard April 26 2011-12

Back Yard April 26 2011-13

I'm feeling rather fed up with Blogger. As I've mentioned before, when I upload pictures directly to my blog (rather than uploading to flickr first and copying the code over), the images often look pixelated and poor quality. My blog header is pixelated, which drives me crazy. And sometimes I get a "server rejected the image" error that doesn't let me upload pics to begin with. I've googled the problem and lots of people are dealing with this but there is no easy answer from blogger. My current fix is uploading to flickr. But that's one more step and definitely not as fast and easy.

My latest issue is that the sidebar on the right is showing up funny for at least one person - can you do me a favor and tell me if you can see the sidebar in its entirety or if the pictures/words on the right side are being cut off? I spent a lot of time last week updating the content in the sidebar, getting rid of the old stuff that was outdated and unnecessary, so it's all cleaned up. But it's aggravating to hear the sidebar is having troubles... boo.

We've now had rain 19 of the 27 days of this month. My house feels perpetually dark because the sun is hiding outside. Eli is oblivious to the fact that it's chilly outside and opted to wear shorts this afternoon after he didn't make it to the bathroom fast enough and had to change his clothes. I didn't fight him on it, the poor guy has been sick so we've mostly stayed inside.

On Sunday night, he was up from 1 a.m. to 5 a.m. crying every 30 minutes because his stomach hurt. We had friends visiting from out of town with us for Easter weekend, so I didn't get to bed before 1 a.m. and majorly paid for it when I couldn't fully go to sleep until 5 a.m. I was in a fog the next day and convinced Eli to take a nap with me late in the afternoon - I know he's sick when he actually agrees AND falls asleep because napping for that child is pretty rare. Now his stomach seems fine but he has allergies coming on full throttle... I'm hoping he'll be okay once his meds have been in his system for a little while.

Charlie has been in a great mood all week and has this funny throaty giggle now when he's being silly with his brother - it's deeper and almost mischievous. This gray weather makes me sleepy but also in the mood to get our house organized since we have been so cooped up... this means I've attempted to go through our storage rooms in the basement and get rid of things we're not using, but all at a very slooooow pace. :)

Here is a picture from this morning - occasionally I watch a set of twins early in the morning and then they take the bus to school. I walked them, their friends who are our neighbors and my kids over to the bus stop today in the rain and snapped this picture of the happy crew. My boys had fun stomping around in the rain and watching the older kids get on the bus.
Kids-April 2011-10


Heather Wade said...

Oh, your boys are getting so big. AND so dang cute! Your blog on the right side looks good to me!

Brittany said...

your sidebar looks fine to me. which ones are the twins? i couldn't figure it out.

Sarah S said...

I know, it's not obvious - the twins are the boy and girl in the middle of the group picture (they have brown hair).

Krista said...

I love the bird nest! You are going to get baby birds! So fun. On my iPad you blog is fine. :)

Aaron and Emily said...

Very nice eggs. Love how their color pops! I can see your sidebar just fine. Poor Eli. I had the debate of whether to take Ezra in to the doctor's all week for an eye infection, he has his 3rd illness in one month, it's never ending!

Beckie said...

fun pictures! SO in love with the robin nest those eggs are beautiful.
I have been on a nature kick lately it must be because we need SPRING! Love the group shot too