Thursday, June 04, 2009

Around the House

Two days ago, Eli was standing on a stool in the kitchen next to me while I was getting dinner ready. He thought it was hilarious to take this second picture with his precious froggy. He even asked me to take an individual picture of froggy.  
Here you go froggy. Your shining moment on the blog (to make Eli happy):
DSC_8314Poor Eli had a sad moment soon after this when he slipped and fell off of the stool, hitting his face with the sippy cup that was in his hand (I was bending down to give Charlie some attention in the bouncy seat and this all happened pretty fast – I felt really bad). I’m glad he’s okay, besides the bruise on his face. Hopefully this has curbed his desire to stand on the step stool for a little while.   


As Charlie gets a little bigger and is able to hang out on the floor with Eli, it’s cute seeing him watching his big brother. The other day Eli showed him how legos worked and Charlie stared intently (periodically taking a few breaks to rest his heavy head).

DSC_8378 DSC_8395

Below are some pictures from this morning – I thought the boys were so cute on their tummies next to each other!

DSC_8438 DSC_8440  DSC_8449DSC_8447


jcsev said...

So cute, Sarah! I love that he wanted his froggy's picture taken. Very sweet. That last picture is great!! Those two beautiful boys! How fun. I like to see how much you are enjoying your boys. They are great aren't they?!

Kelly D. said...

Aww, they're already best buddies! I love it!