Monday, June 29, 2009

Surprise for Carrie and Steve

I had mentioned before that I had been busy working on a surprise for some friends – and here it is! Khania had the idea to have friends from church submit memories or notes for the Christensen’s and we would put them all together in a book (Rebekeh was helping too). We emailed a bunch of people and ended up getting about 60 responses and I compiled them all with a picture of each family into this book (I printed it through It was so fun to surprise Steve and Carrie with the book on Saturday night—their official move day is this Wednesday.   DSC_9807 DSC_9810

And later outside at the Lund’s house, Charlie was kissing this baby doll (he is still teething like crazy, but no teeth have emerged yet)

DSC_9812 DSC_9819DSC_9816

He wants to chew anything that comes near his mouth, poor guy. I hope his bottom teeth will come sooner than later. Eli had his first teeth right at 6 months, so maybe Charlie will be the same way.

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LINDSAY said...

I loved that book. You were so sweet to make that!