Monday, June 22, 2009

Fantastic Contest Win!

I have entered contests pretty regularly since I was in junior high. I used to call in to the local radio station during the "Hot 9 at 9" where they would give a prize to the 10th caller right before playing the last song - I think I won at least 10 pizzas in the span of a few years. I also won concert tickets and some other random prizes from that radio station, good old XLC 102.3 in Lake County, IL. More recently, I've entered quite a few blog contests and won some really great prizes.

But today's winning takes the CAKE!

Last week I read about a "Freshen Up Your Father" contest, hosted by a custom suit boutique in downtown Chicago. The contest was looking for dads in need of a personal and professional makeover, whether they were laid off, looking to start a new career, working toward a promotion, etc.

Unfortunately, my dad was laid off from his job last month and has been looking for a new one ever since. I was so excited when I saw this contest and knew I had to enter my dad. Here is my essay (it had to be under 300 words):

I'm writing about my father, David Stuart, who was laid off last month and could really use a makeover to help him land a good job. He also recently lost about 30 pounds to get down to a more healthy weight (he was diagnosed with Type II diabetes), which is a huge accomplishment for this candy-loving guy who has now given up sweets and exercises daily. This weight loss means that his suits are way too big, but he doesn't have the income right now to buy a new suit.

In addition, I have one sibling, a brother, who has multiple disabilities and currently lives in an adult group home about 35 minutes away from my parents. Every weekend, my dad drives out to pick him up and brings him home for the weekend so my brother can enjoy some time away, since the group home isn't the most fun place. My dad has devoted his life to helping my brother have a fulfilling life, despite my brother's physical and mental limitations. He has sacrificed a lot on my brother's behalf.

My father is an amazing individual--he's a creative thinker, a good listener, and always thinking of others. It would mean so much to surprise him with this fabulous makeover during this really tough time. Thank you!

So you can imagine my excitement when I opened my email this afternoon and saw that my dad had won the following:
  • Custom made suit, including personal consultation & measurement session from Nicholas Joseph Custom Tailors (these suits start at $499!!)
  • The Rockstar treatment at HALO [FOR MEN] including a cut, shave, manicure, pedicure and massage
  • A resume overhaul, interview/etiquette coaching session and personal site profile management from professional networking site LinkedIn

Congratulations Dad!!

(and yes, I know my blog images are having issues... it will hopefully be fixed in the next day or so)


Marci said...

How awesome! Congrats to your dad (and you) sounds so fun and he definitely deserving!

Mostess Mommy said...

Yay! That is so AWESOME! What did your dad say when you told him??? We won a smile makeover for my dad in a radio contest and it meant the world to him! I know your dad will be a rockstar with his new suit, mani/pedi and rockin' resume! Congratulations to you and your dad!

Hillary said...

That is an awesome prize! Way to go, Sarah, for entering your dad. I bet he was so thankful for a thoughtful daughter. What a great Father's Day gift!

Amber Snow said...

what a gift, sara! that's incredible. your writeup on your dad was great too.

Will and Natalie Giddens said...

That is awesome! Wow, I'm so excited for you dad. You might just take the Daughter of the Year Award this year! :-)

Kelly D. said...

Yay, Sarah!

DC Diva said...

That's so great! Congrats to you and your dad -- what a thoughtful gift. I bet he was thrilled.

Judy said...

That's really wonderful, Sarah. I'm sure your dad is thrilled! Your essay was lovely. No wonder you won.

I really love reading your blog and seeing your darling boys. Every time I close your site after seeing their photos, I can't help but say to myself, "they're SO CUTE!!" and smile.

Love you.

Charlotte said...

That is so awesome, Sarah! Congrats!! Your write up on your dad made me teary. What a great daughter you are.

Heather said...

That's so great! Congratulations to you and your dad. I hope he enjoys his pampering.

Emily said...

What a great Father's Day surprise. I'm so glad when good things happen to deserving people!

Valerie said...

That is so awesome and your dad does deserve it! He was my favorite seminary teacher of all time. :)