Saturday, June 13, 2009

Week in Review

It has been a BUSY week! You know it’s busy when I don’t make time to blog – but you know I’m still taking lots of pictures :) I am working hard on a surprise for a friend and it has consumed all of my free time and keeping me up very late at night. I’m exhausted but it’s all worth it! I’ll show details later when the surprise is revealed.

Charlie has been such a good baby lately – he’s happy, snuggly, and gets excited about every interaction anyone makes with him (is this because he’s a social kid or because he’s the second and doesn’t get as much attention? I’m not sure). With the exception of yesterday, he has been napping pretty well and sleeping in decent stretches at night. And I’m to the point now where I will usually let him cry himself back to sleep if he wakes up before 5 a.m. Some nights he doesn’t wake up at all, and others he does randomly around 3 or 4 a.m.

 DSC_8823 DSC_8834 DSC_8835

Then there’s Eli, otherwise known as “Cool Guy” – he calls himself this when he’s wearing sunglasses (I must have called him that once but now he says it a lot). Here he is sporting some of his latest favorites – his hand-me-down, too-big-but-he-still-wears-them Lighting McQueen shoes, a backpack, and his shades. (and as I’m typing this, Eli came over, saw the picture, and keeps saying, “COOL GUY! COOL GUY!”


And in a strange, late development, Eli found this lovely pink pacifier and put it in Charlie’s mouth. And Charlie KEPT IT IN!! I couldn’t believe it. As a newborn, Charlie never kept a pacifier in his mouth – he always pushed it out right away. Well, it’s too late Charlie, you’re not getting the pacifier now! I had to take a picture though.

DSC_8897 DSC_8907
Seeing him take a pacifier made me want to try giving him a bottle again, since I’d pretty much given up about a month ago after we tried an intensive effort to get him to take one, without any luck. And sure enough, he drank from a bottle – with me feeding it to him even! I was so excited. Ideally I’d like to have him get a bottle every night before he goes to bed so he takes it well from the occasional babysitter or Ben, but we’ll see if that happens. 
DSC_8912 DSC_8918

Eli loves doing this puzzle – and tends to get very excited when we finish it, shouting, “I DID IT! I DID IT!” and doing a little dance, with a nice flourish at the end (shown below).

DSC_8919 DSC_8925

I dressed the boys in their matching BYU t-shirts from Judy yesterday and kept trying to get a good picture of the two of them… it’s too bad you can’t really see the shirts in the pictures where they’re on the ground.

DSC_8931 DSC_8937

DSC_8956 DSC_8958

And finally, it has been gray and gloomy for most of the week. We have had rain rain rain and the temps have lingered in the 50s for the most part (yesterday was sunny, but otherwise it has been so gross) Where the heck is our beautiful June weather than we look forward to during our six months+ of cold winter? Our grass is greener than ever though, so that’s on upside to all of this rain. I dressed myself and the kids in black shirts today to show the rain that we are DONE!

DSC_8974 DSC_8988

My favorite Eli phrases of the week:

“I’ll be RIGHT back!”

“Watch this!”

“I jumped!”


Marci said...

I wonder constantly with my girls how much of their personalities are due to their birth order or if it's just the way they were born to be. And I say give Charlie a pacifier! It could make your life and your nights much easier and you are still in control of how long he uses it. I hope you guys get some warm weather soon - I can't believe it's June and it's still not summery.

Kelly D. said...

Tessa won't take a pacifier, either! Oh, how I wish she would. But Charlie sure looks cute with his momentary relationship with a binkie!

And we have those exact same BYU shirts! So cute on boys AND girls :)

Amber Ro said...

Looks like you have a full plate with your two cute kiddos. Who knew they could be so much work, yet so much fun! I love that Charlie has lots of hair. what a cutie. can't wait to see what you've been working on when you reveal your surprise!

Laura said...

Grace has always, always, always taken a bottle from the very first time we gave one to her. The past two nights she's refused. Maybe she passed along the bottle acceptance to Charlie. :-)

Jodie, Stefan and Natalia said...

I hope Charlie keeps taking a bottle for you. Natalia never took one after about two months-- everytime I tried she refused, so there were no nights away. It has been a challenge, so best of luck there! He is so adorable. I just want to kiss his cheeks!