Friday, June 05, 2009

Eli Loves Photography too

Eli had fun taking pictures with our older, small digital camera yesterday. Here are some of his beauties :)

First – Froggy making another celebrity appearance on the blog


A better view of the lovely vintage living room chairs…

Froggy hiding in the lego box:


Our oh-so-lovely family room… I am dying to paint the walls and ceiling white to make it brighter (there are wood beams and wood-paneled walls – this is the addition I’ve mentioned that isn’t insulated) and also add a ceiling fan with a light (which is turning out to be a major, pricey project since there isn’t electricity in the ceiling yet), but change is slow-going… what do you think? Would you paint it white or keep it the natural wood color on top and the taupe walls? My biggest complaint is that it is a very dark room. Especially when Chicago has gray skies for such a huge chunk of the year.

DSC02296I can’t remember who I was talking to at the time, maybe Khania?


I love Eli’s chubby arm holding his dear Froggy.


I think he has lots of photography potential :)


Hillary said...

Those pictures aren't too bad. That's cool that he even knows how to work the camera.

Katie said...

I LOVE the new chairs! And I would paint the family room white for sure, maybe the ceiling and beams - this might sound weird but I it would brighten things in a subtle way - a very light blue. And Froggy! Looking forward to his next celebrity appearance. Who is his agent?

DC Diva said...

I LOOOOVE that chair!!