Friday, June 05, 2009

Attempting Quiet Time

We spent the morning swimming at a friend’s pool for playgroup – it was finally warm after two weeks of chilly weather and you would think all of that fresh air and exercise would wear a certain 2-year-old out.

I was wrong! After trying to get him to nap for an hour and a half, I gave up, took him out of his crib, and told him we were going to try quiet time, where he would have to stay in his room and play quietly until I came back in to get him.

This is what I found an hour later (it was SO quiet I was starting to think maybe he’d fallen asleep, but who was I kidding??):
DSC02338Eli loves saying, “BLAST OFF!” and loves this Curious George book. Good thing he has lots of books to keep him busy :)DSC02343 I was happy that at least Charlie napped well this afternoon – he woke up very smiley!
DSC02400 DSC02411

Hooray for Friday! Ben’s taking an earlier train home and we’re heading to the park with a fishing pond so Eli can get some fishing time in with his dad. I’m so glad the weekend is here!


jcsev said...

Haha! That is SO cute! I love to them enjoying their books/toys, it is so fun. It really stinks that Eli isn't a napper, that is hard on the momma. But, I guess some kids need less sleep than others. Kaelan sleeps SO much that I wonder whether he will ever out grow naps. He continues to ask for naps and always takes a 4-5 hour nap, then sleeps from 8:30p-8am at night. Basically he sleeps more in 24 hours, than he is awake!! He reminds me of Levi, who was the same way.

Hillary said...

There was a time a few months ago that Leah didn't want to stay in her bed at nap time and would just read books in her room time. I was having a really hard time getting her to sleep and would get more frustrated when she kept getting out of bed. But then I decided to chill out a little bit and not make her feel stressed about it. And she went back to napping for 2 hours every day. So keep trying with the naps. Some people told me to give them up, but I was not going to. I need that time!! Good luck!

Kelly D. said...

These days silence scares me a lot more than screaming and crying! Gotta love the things 2-year-olds do to entertain themselves :) Mine is a non-napper, too.

Jenna said...

I can't believe he wasn't tired after swimming! He has so much energy! Quiet time is great though! Your shedd aquarium pics made me want to go. Maybe next week!