Monday, November 01, 2010

The Actual Holiday (Halloween)

There are so many Halloween-themed posts going up today, but this one has pictures from the actual holiday. First, we went over to a mini party in the neighborhood where the kids could show off their costumes. My family was over at our house, so we left Charlie there (reading books with my dad) and just brought Eli. Maybe that’s sad to leave Charlie at home, but we wanted to wait to attempt his costume until it was time for trick or treating.

We had fun seeing our cute neighbors, Oliver and Sasha -


I love that Eli and Oliver were both astronauts -


They even dressed their dog Leo up as a police dog, complete with handcuffs -


Sweet Eli -


Eli was one of the first to whack at the Halloween pinata -


It wasn’t long before the pinata broke and it was a free for all for the candy -


There were fun things in that pinata too, like orange vampire teeth :)


We went back home and ate dinner with my family, then set out for a little trick or treating. Miraculously, we were able to get Charlie into his turtle costume and ran out the door before he could change his mind and start ripping it off. It helped that he had a lollipop to distract him.


Eli was so excited about trick or treating.


Waiting for the older kids to get their candy so he could have a turn -


Here’s my dad and Eli running to the next house :)


It was a cold evening, but Eli was toasty warm in that reflective, shiny suit.


Charlie went up to about half of the doors -


We stayed out for about 45 minutes before our hands were freezing and the kids were done. Eli had fun dumping out his loot (this is a sampling):


My Gram brought her green wig for a little Halloween fun :)


Our family friend Cheryl was in town visiting from Canada, so she was here for the festivities too -


My parents gave the boys Halloween cups with even more candy inside. Charlie kept shoveling the candy corn into his mouth…


I know, Charlie has a nice look going with his unbuttoned onesie…


The boys love jumping onto the couches from these storage cubes -


Davey’s 26th birthday is next weekend, so we celebrated early and he opened some presents tonight. Happy early birthday, Davey!



Jenna said...

cutest astronaut I have ever seen!

I thought you were coming to see me in October?? :) You and Krista should come together! We can have a big party!

The Yosts said...

cute costumes!