Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Zipline Adventure (last Mexico post)

On Saturday, we spent a good portion of the day doing a zipline adventure. I was VERY apprehensive, but Ben was so excited about it, so I decided to let go of my anxiety and just do it. 

We first boarded a speedboat and left Nuevo Vallarta for Puerto Vallarta to pick up more passengers. Some of the people on our trip were REALLY funny. There were the two single guys from the Jersey shore (not the show, the place). They immediately took their shirts off after they got on the boat and were showing off for these teenage Canadian girls there on the trip with their parents. The Jersey shore boys were obviously older, but the girls were fawning all over them. We heard them claim that most of the stuff on the MTV show isn't true. Sure.... this was our second run-in with people from the Jersey shore - on our flight to Mexico, there was a huge group from Jersey and they were hilarious.

Back to the boat. It went surprisingly fast and it was pretty bumpy on the choppy waves. On the return trip, it was scary because our boat didn't have lights and it was pitch black outside. 

Anyway, the boat dropped us off at a small village in a remote cove south of Puerto Vallarta. From there, we split into two groups of about 15 people each and loaded into two WWII army trucks. We buckled in and held onto overhead straps as the truck drove 20 minutes up 2,000 ft on roads that were paved, cobblestone, and then dirt with many ruts and holes. It was a bumpy ride. There was one other American couple in the truck with us and the rest were Mexicans who didn't speak English. 

The Mexican countryside had lots of pretty sights. Steep forested mountains, a river, country houses with dogs, chickens, orange orchards, and of course a few tequila distilleries. We arrived at the base camp and met our six guides, who were all very enthusiastic and animated. They quickly taught us how to do the zip line and how to ride a mule... and then we were off!! Ben said the mule ride was the scariest part of the whole trip. Whenever his mule had space, he would trot or gallup. I had the same experience and tried not to freak out when my donkey took off at a fast pace!

I still wasn't so sure about all of this...

Once out of the saddle, things went much more smoothly. The guides could tell I was really nervous about the zip lining and were really great about filling me with confidence and feeling secure. And they didn't let me pause too long... they hooked me up to the line and I was on my way. (I'm regretting wearing these shorts because these pictures are NOT flattering, but whatever :) I swear my legs are not as big as they appear.

One of the zip lines was 558 ft long and 115 ft high. 

A few of the later zip lines had us land in water for a very cold stop (and a big splash). There were two places where we rappelled down 100 ft. waterfalls. It was scary going off the edge backwards, but once we were on our way down, it was just a fun experience. 

Brrr, that water was cold!!

On one of the slower zip lines, the guide encouraged Ben to go upside down. He put his feet up on the hooks when he took off and barely got turned right side up in time to apply the brakes when he came to the end of the line. I was happy going right side up and facing forward :)

This one was scary - they basically just had you jump off the edge and have the guides lower you down.

This was a scary one that was really long and dropped way down - 

Here we got to race each other (but I'm a chicken so Ben went much faster than I did):

The scenery was beautiful - we criss crossed a clear mountain stream and then rappelled and crossed bridges to hike back down to the base camp. Once we were done, we changed into dry clothes and bought the pictures (the ones of us zip lining and rappelling are from the photographer that came with the group). In case you're wondering why there are more pictures of me and none of Ben by himself, he insisted on just buying the CD for me since there were a few pictures with both of us in them too.

Now for a few more pictures from our little camera - here we are with the tequila plants in the background - 

It was so lush and green. So pretty.

Krista, this last picture is for you, since I know you love spiders :) This was on a web at the base camp. Yuck..... :)

I feel lucky to be married to a guy who helps me get out of my comfort zone and try new things! It was a fun day.


kelly said...

looks like such a fun time, except that gross spider. i love the picture of you two on the bus (you both look so relaxed & happy)! and i also love the picture of both of you on the zip lines together. what fun memories!! :)

jcsev said...

What a great experience!! You are so fortunate to do something that neat! What a great vacation. Maybe someday...... :) I loved your zip line experience. I would have LOVED that. Everything was BEAUTIFUL BEAUTIFUL BEAUTIFUL!

Krista said...

ahhh! you are a terrible friend. It was so pleasant until that!

I think my fave part of the post was "My legs aren't really as big as they appear" but whatever. :) so funny. You crack me up. It's the camera angle btw. :) Looks beautiful there and I laughed when ben said the donkey was the scariest part versus the zipline.

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