Sunday, November 07, 2010

Waking Up Eli – and It’s Hard to Leave

Last week, Eli had a rough night (waking up a few times for various reasons – his foot kept falling asleep/tingling, and I can’t remember the others!). So he was still sleeping at 9:15 when he needed to be up and almost out the door for preschool. I went in to his room and woke him up by taking pictures of my sweet sleeping boy :)

Waking UP and Going to Bed-1


Waking UP and Going to Bed-2Waking UP and Going to Bed-3

He wasn’t a fan of the light from the camera flashing in his eyes -

Waking UP and Going to Bed-4Waking UP and Going to Bed-5

Now it’s Sunday night. Ben and I are leaving bright and early tomorrow morning for our big Mexico trip celebrating our upcoming 10th anniversary and my 30th birthday. Remember back in April when I was a grand prize winner? We’re finally redeeming the certificate and I am SO excited.

Waking UP and Going to Bed-6

Ben’s mom flew in on Saturday and will be here with the boys for the first half of the trip, and then my parents will take over for the second half. My kids have had a great weekend with her here (she and Larry were here just a month ago for a visit and the boys were really excited for her to come back so soon).

Waking UP and Going to Bed-7

I know they’ll have so much fun. Reading books is probably the most popular activity with both sets of grandparents. Tonight I think they ran at least 10 books after their baths while killing that extra hour from the time change (they were tired at 5 p.m., but we kept them up later to try to get on to the new schedule).

Waking UP and Going to Bed-8

Cheryl always brings some books from home when she visits grandchildren to add some variety – this one is Sticky Stanley and the kids love it and asked her about the books when she arrived.

Waking UP and Going to Bed-9

I will admit I got teary when I kissed these sweet boys good night tonight. I’m going to miss this little guy.

Waking UP and Going to Bed-11

And this one too.

Waking UP and Going to Bed-12

It’s our first time leaving the kids (meaning Ben and I together – we’ve both gone away one at a time). I put together a 5+ page document with every detail about these kids – their schedules, their food preferences, how they go to bed, etc. How to turn on the alarm, directions to get to their different activities, how to work the tv, etc. I am OCD when it comes to preparing other people for my kids. It’s ridiculous but it makes me feel better. :) And we finally put our wills together, which was good to get done (big thanks to Legacy Writer online – it was SO easy to draft each of our wills and we paid $35 total – perfect for now when our wills aren’t complicated. And it’s a piece of cake to change it later on if we need to).

Waking UP and Going to Bed-13

I know it will feel so great to be on vacation once we’re there. I’m looking forward to time to relax, soak in some sun, have time with Ben and explore a new area. We’re going to do a zip line tour, snorkel, kayak, swim, go to the spa, etc. and it’s going to be so fun!!!

Waking UP and Going to Bed-15

While we’re gone, the kids will have lots of great bonding time with their grandparents, and that makes me happy.

Waking UP and Going to Bed-16

And you can bet I will have a zillion pretty pictures to share when I get back :) I can’t wait!


Krista said...

Oh I'm so excited for you!! Have a great time and enjoy the peaceful moments on vacay!

Zurmely family said...

So, so funny reading your post b/c that was ME a month ago. my mom had a binder that included 10+ pages of informamtion, and then all our passes, dr. information, phone numbers, etc. and i was a wreck until we hit the mexico border and then i was fine. and i didn't think about them really when we were there. you will LOVE the time away - it is a necessity, i'm convinced of it. HAVE FUN!!

Marci said...

Oh, I'm so excited to see and hear about your trip! Mike and I just had quick night away from the kids and was telling him we need like a week trip where we actually go into full relaxation mode! You guys will have so much fun and so will your boys! And thanks for the link for the will, we have talked about needing to do that for a long time and maybe at that price we'll finally get around to it!

Gwendolyn said...

How exciting!!! I hope you guys have a wonderful time :)

Hillary said...

Hope you have a great trip, Sarah! I'm sure the kids will do just great with the grandparents. We were worried when we left our kids for a wedding, but it turned out that did great.