Monday, November 01, 2010

Halloween Activities

We had fun carving pumpkins this year. The boys took turns pulling the guts out and sorting out the pumpkin seeds.


Ben carved Mickey Mouse on one pumpkin and a pirate on the other. However, both pumpkins got super soft and barely held up for a few days. I’m sad I didn’t get a picture when they were in better form… now it’s probably too late. Ben did a great job with the carving though.


On a different day, I took the kids to a free toddler Halloween activity/carnival hosted by the city. Eli had fun with this game (and Charlie refused to put his costume on… I decided it wasn’t worth fighting him on it).


On Saturday, we went to a nearby town’s downtown trick-or-treating, where you go from shop to shop. These pictures below were taken outside the historical society building, where they had a fun display set up.


Eli was in the best mood and was happy to pose with skeletons.


And once again, Charlie wanted nothing to do with his costume.


Eli got this creepy plastic finger from one of the stores and wore it the rest of the day. He thought it was hilarious.


Going into the shops to trick or treat -


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