Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Adventures in Voting

It's never dull trying to get things done with two young kids in tow. This afternoon I went to vote around 1:45 p.m. when it was pretty much a guarantee that things would be slow.

Which was the case, except my boys still wreaked havoc while I attempted to hurry and make my choices on the ballot. Charlie came pretty close to accidentally unplugging the voting machines because he was running all over and tripping on the cords.

Eli had to pee and was doing a major potty dance (and shaking the voting booth, which made it so easy for me to hurry up with the voting). When Charlie wasn't tripping on cords, he was pulling receipts, papers, snacks, etc. out of my bag and strewing them all over the floor.

We saw one of our neighbors and I was pretty embarrassed about our craziness. But I'm happy that I still managed to get my vote in and counted. (And relieved we didn't screw up the electronic voting by pulling the plug!)

P.S. - On a totally unrelated note, I love this list of 25 things to do with Halloween candy. I need reasons to stop eating all of the junk in our house!!


Kell's Belles said...

Ha, I feel your pain! I had a tiny window today where I could vote with *only* two kids in tow (I knew I couldn't handle more than that and still actually cast a vote)! I contained them in my double stroller and passed them candy and gum the entire time (and I filled out a practice ballot at home so I could just quickly copy it). The crazy things we mothers have to do to be civically responsible!

Amy G said...

Scott mentioned earlier that he saw you voting. I just read this and asked him if your kids were acting crazy and he said "they were acting like kids!" And when I said you were embarrassed about the way they were acting, he said "they were not ill-behaved AT ALL!" So...unless it was another neighbor that you ran into...don't spend another second feeling badly about it! It may have seemed stressful to you, but Scott thought you were handling it perfectly!

Angie said...

I get an absentee ballot and then just mail it!