Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Evening Walk on the Beach and Baby Sea Turtles

On Tuesday evening, we took a long walk on the beach to explore a little. We saw lots of these tiny crabs scurrying around on the sand super fast -


I thought the light was pretty on the wet sand -


Pretty lines on the sand -


The sunset was prettier as it set lower into the sky -


Our hotel was really close to a protected sea turtle hatching area. Apparently there are 9,000 baby turtles that would hatch this year along the beach. There is a group of volunteers who spend a lot of time doing everything they can to make sure the turtles at least hatch and make it out to the sea. But the mortality rate is still pretty high once they’re in the sea because they are prime targets for birds and fish.

I had to be really fast with taking these pictures because the focusing light on my camera was bright and they were worried it would confuse the turtles (when you set them free, they’re supposed to go toward the setting sun, into the ocean). We each got to hold two turtles and set them on their way.


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