Monday, November 01, 2010

Ward Halloween Party

Here are some pictures from the ward Halloween party last weekend. Can you spot Eli (the very shiny silver space guy) near ghost #8 at the cupcake walk?

Halloween Party 2010-1Halloween Party 2010-2Halloween Party 2010-3

We were lucky Charlie was in any sort of costume that night. We tried our turtle costume first, but he hated that so we resorted to this bat costume (it’s more obvious that he’s a bat if he wears the hat, but you know that wasn’t happening with this kid…)

Halloween Party 2010-5

The fabulous fishing booth -

Halloween Party 2010-6

There was a chili cook-off along with a big selection of soups, rolls, etc. It was all so good. Ben was one of the judges, so he tried every single chili.

Halloween Party 2010-7Halloween Party 2010-8Halloween Party 2010-11Halloween Party 2010-12Halloween Party 2010-13Halloween Party 2010-14

Here’s Eli with one of his sweet friends, Ava. They were smiling for Ava’s mom (Rebekeh) and I thought it was too funny not to get a shot too. Gotta love Eli’s smile :)

Halloween Party 2010-15

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