Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Morton Arboretum – Pretty Fall Colors

Fall is my favorite season in Chicago! Last week, my friend Khania and I drove out to the Morton Arboretum with our kids to see the pretty colors. It was a beautiful day, with temperatures in the 70s (our October was SO nice and moderate in temps).

Morton Arboretum-1Morton Arboretum-2Morton Arboretum-3Morton Arboretum-5

We went on two driving loops through the pretty wooded area -

Morton Arboretum-6Morton Arboretum-8Morton Arboretum-9Morton Arboretum-11Morton Arboretum-13

I was driving, but kept jumping out to take pictures of the pretty foliage.

Morton Arboretum-15Morton Arboretum-16Morton Arboretum-17Morton Arboretum-19Morton Arboretum-21Morton Arboretum-22Morton Arboretum-24Morton Arboretum-25Morton Arboretum-27Morton Arboretum-28Morton Arboretum-29Morton Arboretum-30

We were having fun, driving along, talking, enjoying the scenery… when a security car drove up behind us and honked at me.

That’s right, I was pulled over by the security man. For driving 32 miles an hour :)

I was very apologetic and said I would drive slower. The security guy said the road was full of wet leaves and he didn’t want us to slide off the road with our kids in the car and hit a tree.

Of course.

I apologized and we were on our way, going 25 miles an hour this time. I think you had to be there, but it was pretty funny. This security guy meant business. I pulled over soon after that so that he would stop following us (I took a few more pictures) and that was the last we saw of Mr. Security.

Morton Arboretum-35Morton Arboretum-36Morton Arboretum-37

After the driving loops, we parked in the main lot and headed into the children’s garden. Here’s Evelyn with the frog fountain -

Morton Arboretum-41

Pretty cabbage leaves -

Morton Arboretum-42

Eli and Evelyn sliding down -

Morton Arboretum-43Morton Arboretum-44

And of course anything the big kids did, Charlie would follow along and do just like them -

Morton Arboretum-46Morton Arboretum-48Morton Arboretum-49Morton Arboretum-50

Charlie, stop getting big!!!

Morton Arboretum-51Morton Arboretum-52Morton Arboretum-54Morton Arboretum-56Morton Arboretum-57Morton Arboretum-59

The Joovy isn’t really meant for holding three kids, but we made it work and I got a nice arm workout :)

Morton Arboretum-60Morton Arboretum-61

Charlie thought it was hilarious to turn around and see both Evelyn and Eli on the stroller.

Morton Arboretum-62


Krista said...

gorgeous pictures. I'm glad you went too and SLOW down! sheesh. :) What a beautiful october we've had. And charlie you are getting too big.

Emily said...

The Morton Arboretum is the one place in Chicagoland still on my list of places to visit. The pictures are beautiful - maybe we'll make it next year!

Marci said...

I love the close-ups, I think the cabbage is my favorite!

Brittany said...

wow, you got some really beautiful pictures!